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LOCHNER, Zacharias.

(1524? – 1608)

(Born: Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany,      ; Died: Nuremberg, Germany, 22 January 1608) German mathematician.

Lochner was an author and lecturer in Nuremberg.

Biographical references: Jöcher, Gelehrten-Lexikon, 1750-51. Poggendorff: 1, col. 1484. WBI.

Probier Büchlein Auff alle Metall, 1564

1. German, 1564 [First edition].
Probier Büchlein. | Auff alle Metall so | die Ertzt vnd Bergwerck desz | hochlöblichen Teutschen= | landts geben / &c. | Allen Müntzmaystern / War= | deyen / Goldwerckern / Bergkleut= | en vnd Kauffleutten der Metal/ | Durch Zachariam Lochner A.M. zu | nutz mit vleiß zusamen getra= | gen in Ingolstatt. | [rule] | Anno, M.D.LXIIII. | Gedruckt zu Nürmberg/ | durch Hans Kholer.

4°: 60 unnumberedl. (the last blank).

Extremely rare. An early edition of the first work giving practical instruction in the art of assaying, and therefore of tremendous importance to the early development of mineral chemistry. This is the first issue of the book to have the name of its editor printed on the title page. Sisco and Smith located only the Darmstädter copy in Werner's library at the Freiberg Bergakademie (dated 1565), which could not be located in 1942. For a detailed description of this class of book, see under Rülein von Calw and Probier Büchlein.

Bibliographical references: Darmstädter, Berg-Büchlein, 1926: p. 87. Jonathan Hill, Bookseller: cat. 64, no. 91. Sisco & Smith, Bergwerk- und Probirbüchlein, 1949: p. 174 [Edition K].

Probier Büchlein, 1565

2. Latin, 1565 [2nd edition].
Probier Büchlein. | Auff alle Metall/ so die | Ertzt vnd Bergkwerck des hochlobli= | chen Teütschen Landts | geben / &c. | Allen Müntzmeystern / Wardeyen | Goldwerckern / Bergleiiten vnd | Kaufleiten der Metall. | Durch Zachariam Lochner A.M. zu | nutz mit fleyß zusamen getra= | gen in Ingolstatt. | [rule] | Anno M. D. LXV. | Getruckt zu Augspurg/ durch | Mattheum Francken. | [ornament].

4°: 51l. Title page in red and black. Essentially a reprint of the 1564 edition, with the text reset. Extremely rare.

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