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LIVERSIDGE, Archibald.

(1847 – 1927)

(Born: Turnham Green, England, 17 November 1847; Died: 26 September 1927) English chemist & mineralogist.

Liversidge became professor of chemistry and mineralogy at the University of Sydney, New South Wales from 1873-1908. Founding member of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science.

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1. English, 1876 [First edition].
[Contained within a double rule box:] Minerals | of | New South Wales. | [rule] | Archibald Liversidge, | [...2 lines of titles and memberships...] | [double rule] | Sydney: | Thomas Richards, Goverment Printer, Phillip-Street. | [rule] | 1876.

8°: A-D8; 32l.; [1]-63, [1] blank p. Brown or gray paper wraps with the cover title as above.

Contents: [1], Introduction.; 2-30, "Part I. | Metallic Minerals."; 31-57, "Part II. | Non-Metallic Minerals."; 58-63, "List of Minerals mentioned in the foregoing Paper."; [1 pg], Blank.

Rare. A complete list of the minerals of New South Wales, with descriptions of specimens he himself had examined. The occurances of gold are described in detail, with an enumeration of some of the larger nuggets that had been found.

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2. English, 1882 [2nd edition].
The Minerals Of New South Wales. | By | Archibald Liversidge, F.R.S., | ... | [double rule] | Second edition.

4°: 137, [1], xiv p.

Rare. This monograph on the minerals of New South Wales Australia forms part of a volume published by the Department of Mines. Also contained are a report by Harrie Wood on the Mineral Products of New South Wales, and Notes on the Geology of New South Wales by C.S. Wilkinson.

The work by Liversidge contains a description of the minerals of the country, arranged in order, with numerous analyses. A list of the known localites for each species is also given. The gold fields are also given a full description, together with interesting facts regarding the discovery of the larger nuggets.

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Minerals of New South Wales, 1888

3. English, 1888 [3rd edition].
The Minerals | Of | New South Wales, | Etc. | By | A. Liversidge, M.A., F.R.S. | Professor Of Chemistry And Mineralogy In The University Of Sydney. | With Map. | London: | Trübner & Co., Ludgate Hill. | 1888. | [All rights reserved.]

8°: [i]-viii, [1]-326, [2] p., frontispiece (folding, colored map title, "A Mineral Map."), illus., diagrams. Colophon: Printed by Ballantyne, Hanson and Co. Edinburgh and London. Page size: 250 x 160 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Half title page, "The Minerals | Of | New South Wales," verso blank.; [Frontispiece: folding, colored map].; [iii-iv], Title page, verso "Ballantyne Press..."; [v]-viii, "Contents."; [1]-206, Text.; 207-290, "Appendix."; 291-305, "Alphabetical List of Mineral Localities."; 306-320, "Mineral Localities Arranged According to Counties."; 321-326, "Index Of Minerals."; [2 pgs], Advertisements.

Very scarce. A thorough well digested work on the local mineralogy of a large area of the Australian continent that is of great value to the mineralogical student. The author had already published two earlier memoirs on this subject, but this third edition has a much wider scope and constitutes the best edition of this work. The subjects of the metals, as gold, silver, copper, tin, are treated with especial fullness and have more than a local interest. Liversidge has also included the results of his own original work on many of the species. A large and well executed colored mineral map forms the frontispiece to this unusually handsome volume. A scarce work.

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