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LINDROTH, Petro Gustavo.

(1748? – ?)

Museum Naturalium Grillianum, 1788

1. Swedish, 1788 [Collection catalog].
D.D. | Museum Naturalium | Grillianum | Söderforssiense | Institutum anno 1783, | & | in Catalogo redactum anno 1788 | a | Petro Gustavo Lindroth. | Medic. Doct. & Chirurg. Prim. Legion. Upland. | [ornament] | [ornate rule] | Holmiæ, | Apud A.J. Nordström, | MDCCLXXXVIII.

Large 4°: A-B4 C3; 11l.; [1]-21, [1] p.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; 3-21, Text.; [1 pg], Blank.

Rare. Catalog listing the contents of Adolph Ulrik Grill's [see note below] natural history collection. Written in 1783 and published in 1788, the text is in Latin, Swedish, French and English and consists of a numbered listing providing first the name in Latin, followed by the equivalents in the other languages. The collection contained stuffed quadrupedes, birds, shells, earths, stones, and minerals, etc.

Adolph Ulrik Grill. (Born: Stockholm, Sweden, 19 March 1752; Died: Stockholm, Sweden, 1 October 1797) Swedish naturalist. Grill studied natural history subjects at the University of Söderfors. He possessed a large cabinet of natural history objects including about a hundred mammals, sixty birds, thirty fishes and lots of corals and petrifications. After having been offered for sale abroad, these collections were donted in 1828 to the Vetenskapsakademien in Stockholm. Grill was a member of the Swedish Musical and Scientific societies.

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