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LEONHARD, Karl Cäsar von.

(1779 – 1862)

(Born: Rumpenheim near Hanau, Germany, 12 September 1779; Died: Heidelberg, Germany, 23 January 1862) German mineralogist & geologist.

Leonhard was the father of Gustav von Leonhard. He was a professor of mineralogy and geognosy at the University of Heidelberg from 1818 onwards. Earlier, he was land assessor in Hanau. He was the founder and publisher of one of the first mineralogical magazines, Taschenbuch für die gesammte Mineralogie, which is the ancestor of today's Jahrbuch [Neues] für Mineralogie, Geologie, und Palaeontologie. Leonhard built a personal mineral collection of over 8,000 specimens from the Harz, Switzerland, Poland, Vesuvius, Eifel, France, Iceland and elsewhere. This collection was acquired by the University of Göttingen after his death.

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Anleitung, 1803

1. German, 1803.
Anleitung | zum | Gebrauch des gemeinen Löthrohres | zur | Untersuchung der Mineralien. | [tapered rule] | (Als Beilage und Erklärung zum Taschen- | apparat für den reisenden Mineralo- | gen, zu Versuchen mit dem | gemeinen Löthrohre.) | [tapered rule] | Hanau 1803. | Im Verlag des Mineralien - Tausch- und Hand- | lungs - Comtoir's.

8°: [1]-19, [1] p. Page size: 156 x 98 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3-4], "Vorrede."; [5]-19, Text.; [1 pg], "gedruckt, bei Joh. Gerh. Scharneck."

Rare. Written when Leonhard was 24 years old, this small work concerns the blow-pipe and its application in mineralogy. It appears to be the author's first separate publication.

Bibliographical references: Burchard, History of Blowpipe Analysis, 1984 [listed in bibliography]. LKG: XI 27. NUC [no copy listed].

2. German, 1812.
Die Form-Verhältnisse und Gruppirungen der Gebirge ... Als erklärende Beilage zu den plastischen Darstellungen der Gebirge. Von Carl Caesar Leonhard und P.E. Jassoy. Frankfurt am Main, In der J.C. Hermannschen Buchhandlung, 1812.

8°: 30, [2] p. Co-authored with Peter Eduard Jassoy [see note below]. Rare.

Peter Eduard Jassoy. (Born: Hanau, Germany, 1791; Died: ?) German mining engineer. Jassoy was in charge of mining operations in Bieberg.

Bibliographical references: BL [972.g.35.(1.)]. LKG: XIII 255. (Jassoy) LKG: p. 292.

3. Swedish, 1833 [Swedish transl.].
K.C. von Leonhard's | Handbok | i | Geologien och Geognosien. | öfversatt från andra tyska upplagan | af | L. F. Swanberg. | [ornate rule] | [double rule] | Stockholm. hos L.J. Hjerta. | 1833.

8°: π8 1-248 25-284 292; 218l.; [i]-[xvi], [1]-420 p., 6 plates (3 colored).

Contents: [i-ii], Half title page, "Bihang till Jernkontorets annaler för år 1832," verso Swedish forword signed "Fahlun d. 26 Maj 1833. Redact. af Annalerna."; [iii-iv], Title page, verso blank.; [v]-xiii, Contents.; [xiv], Blank.; [xv], Errata.; [xvi], Blank.; [1]-394, Text.; 395-420, Index.

Very scarce. Translation of Leonhard's Grundzüge der Oryktognosie (2d ed, 1833). The book was presented as an appendix to "Jernkontorets annaler." This was the third translation of a foreign geologic opus edited by Jernkontoret, published with the intent to guide young people into the field of geology. The book was translated by L. F. Swanberg. \JKjellman

Bibliographical references: NUC. SWIM.

4. German, 1805-9.
Handbuch | einer allgemeinen | topographischen Mineralogie. | [tapered rule] | Von | Carl Caesar Leonhard, | [...3 lines of titles and memberships...] | [rule] | [...3 lines of quotation, signed Seneca...] | [rule] | Erster [-Dritter] Band. | [tapered rule] | Frankfurt am Main 1805. | Bei Johann Christian Hermann.

3 vols. [Vol 1: 1805] 8°: [4], iv, 479, [1], 8 p.; [Vol 2: 1807] 8°: [6], 568, [8] p.; [Vol 3: 1809] 8°: [6], 432 p.

Very scarce. This compendious work lists the localities for over 500 rocks and minerals. The order is alphabetical by mineral name and after every one an article follows listing the lands, provinces, places and mines in alphabetical rows. The first volume conains minerals A through I and the second continues through Z. The third volume includes supplements and corrections to the first two volumes, a geographic register, and an alphabetical overview of German, French, English, Italian and Hungarian mineralogical nomenclature.

Bibliographical references: Freilich Sale Catalog: no. 348. Leonard's Taschenbuch: 2 (1808), 333 & 5 (1810), 335. LKG: XIV 1. NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266725].

Systematisch-tabellarische Uebersicht, 1806

5. German, 1806 [Part 1].
Systematisch-tabellarische | Uebersicht und Charakteristik | der | Mineralkörper. | [tapered rule] | In | oryktognostischer und orologischer Hinsicht | aufgestellt | von | C.C. Leonhard, K.F. Merz, und Dr. J.H. Kopp. | [tapered rule] | [tapered rule] | Frankfurt am Main 1806. | Bei Johann Chrisitan Hermann.

2°: π3 A-Z2 Aa-ZZ2 Aaa-Fff2 Ggg1 *-****2; ??l.; [7] p., 84l., [84]-125, I-XVI p. Tables 1-83 are numbered in duplicate. Page size: 410 x 260 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [2 pgs], Preface.; [1 pg], Dedication to Johann Friedrich Blumenbach.; [1 pg], Blank.; [1 pg], "Oryktognostischer Theil." (=recto of table 1, leaf 1).; 84l. of tables, numbered on facing leaves 1-83.; [84], "Orologischer Theil."; 85-125, Text (="Gebirgsarten."); I-XII, "Anmerkungen Und Zusätse."; XIII-XVI, "Register."

Rare. Co-authored with Ernst Karl Friedrich Merz [see note below] and Johann Heinrich Kopp. This volume consists of a systematic survey of various mineralogical properties in the form of a series of tables. The lengthy descriptions give ample reference to external characters and the chemical qualities. In many instances throughout the text of this volume, the authors have also included remarks that reflect the inadequacies of science they had personally experienced; they fully understood the limitation of mineralogical science in their own time and attempt to convey this information to the reader. Leonard wrote the oryctognosy section, Merz the oryctology, and Kopp the chemical sections.

Ernst Karl Friedrich Merz. (Born: Hanau, Germany, 28 February 1776; Died: Bruchköbel, Germany, 19 November 1813) German clergyman & naturalist. Merz was a priest first in Hanau, then at Bruchköbel near Hanau.

Bibliographical references: Dana's 7th (Bibliography): 76. Freilich Sale Catalog: no. 349. Leonard's Taschenbuch: 1 (1807), 333-4. LKG: XII 171. NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266739]. Ward & Carozzi, Geology Emerging, 1984: no. 1371. (Merz) DBA: I 831, 28-30. Hamberger & Meusel, Gelehrte Teutschland, 1796-1834. Jöcher, Gelehrten-Lexikon, Supplement. Poggendorff: 2, col. 126-7. WBI.

Propaedeutik der Mineralogie, 1817

6. German, 1817 [Part 2].
Propaedeutik | der | Mineralogie. | [tapered rule] | Von D.r C.C. Leonhard, D.r J.H. Kopp und C.L. Gaertner. | [rule] | Mit 10 schwarzen und ausgemalten Kupfertafeln. | [rule] | [tapered rule] | Frankfurt am Main, | in der Joh. Christ. Hermannschen Buchhandlung. | 1817.

[Series title page:]

Einleitung Und Vorbereitung | zur | Mineralogie. | [tapered rule] | Als Erster Theil | der | Systematisch - Tabellarischen Uebersicht Und Charakteristik Der | Mineralkoerper. | [tapered rule] | Von | D.r C.C. Leonhard, D.r J.H. Kopp und C.L. Gaertner. | [rule] | Mit 10 schwarzen und ausgemalten Kupfertafeln. | [rule] | [tapered rule] | Frankfurt am Main, | in der Joh. Christ. Hermannschen Buchhandlung. | 1817.

2°: π4 )(3 A-Z2 2A-2Z2 3A-3Z2 4A-4K2; 165l.; [2], [i]-xii, [1]-315, [1] p., 10 engraved plates (3 hand-colored; numbered I-X). Page size: 405 x 256 mm.

Contents: [1 pg], Blank.; [1 pg], Series title page.; [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii], Dedication to Alexander von Humboldt.; [iv], Blank.; [v]-[vi], Untitled preface-dated July 1816.; vii-xii, "Inhalt."; [1], Section title page, "Einleitung und Vorbereitung | zur | Mineralogie."; [2], Blank.; 3-4, "Einleitung."; 5-140, "Vorbereitender Theil der Oryktognosie."; 141-196, "Vorbereitender Theil der Geognosie."; 197-220, "Petrefaktenkunde."; 221-228, "Mineralien-Sammeln."; 229, "Epochen in der Geschichte der Mineralogie."; 229-277, "Literatur der Mineralogie."; 278-309, "Alphabetische Uebersicht der Autoren, Uebersezzer | und Herausgeber in der Literatur der Mineralogie, | sowie der andern mit den angeführten Schriften in | Beziehung stehenden Gelehrten."; 310, "Berichtigungen und Zusäzze."; 311-315, "Erklärung der Kupfertafeln."; [1 pg], Blank.; [At end], 10 folding plates (3 hand-colored; numbered I-X).

Plates: All ten are from copper engravings, and illustrate various concepts discussed within the text. The first is not numbered, but all the others have their "Tafel" number in the upper right hand corner.

[Tafel I.] Hand-colored coding blocks for the external characteristic of color. Not signed. Tafel II. 24 figures (some hand-colored) showing Haüy's dissected crystals and various other crystal drawings and diagrams. Not signed. Tafel III. 8 hand-colored scenes showing various geological cross-sections. Signed: Jassoy. Tafel IV. 10 hand-colored scenes showing various geological cross-sections. Signed: Jassoy w: Pusch. Tafel V-X. Show figures of various fossils, numbered 1-339. All plates are signed: Westermäyr del.; C. Felsing sc. Darmst.

Rare. Co-authored with Johann Heinrich Kopp and Carl Ludwig Gaertner [see note below], this remarkable mineralogy was the product of two years cooperation between the authors. It was intentionally written as an introductory volume to Leonhard, Merz and Kopp's earlier, Systematisch-Tabellarische Uebersicht und Charakteristik der Mineralkörper (Frankfurt am Main, 1806) [see previous entry].

After the short introduction which covers general information and definitions, the Propaedeutik is divided into seven major sections. The first of these concerns mineralogy in general, and covers outer characteristics like color, crystal form, cleavage, and taste, inner characteristics like hardness, phosphorecenze, magnetism, and electricity as well as classification schemes and nomenclature. Section two gives a distinctly Wernerian view of geognosie and how the earth is geologically ordered, ore deposits, a theory of the planet's structure, and geological nomenclature. The third section concerns fossils. Section four is a highly interesting account authored by Leonhard on the collecting of minerals. Details include instructions for the numbering and labeling of specimens as well as the importance of cataloging ones collection. Section five briefly lists the epochs thus scene in the history of mineralogy, with Werner [q.v.] being given the most prominent typeface, followed next by Haüy, Agricola, etc. The sixth section is an important and extensive bibliography covering mineralogy, geognosie, and paleontology. Compiled before the availability of other major bibliographic works, this mineralogical bibliography listing 2740 items is a remarkably complete list of books available to the mineralogist of the period. This classified bibliography was prepared by Gaertner, and it is divided into seventeen general categories including literature & history, ancient mineralogy, periodicals, nomenclature, dictionaries, textbooks, systematic, topographical works, chemical, geology, and paleontology. Concluding the work is the seventh section, which gives an alphabetical list of all the authors mentioned in the bibliography together with short biographical notes. In some instances, this is today still the only biographical information availiable about the authors. A very scarce book, probably due to a high cost in production.

Johann Heinrich Kopp. (Born: Hanau, Germany, 17 September 1777; Died: Hanau, Germany, 28 November 1858) German physician & chemist. Kopp held an advanced degree in chemistry and was appointed professor extraordinary in 1843 and professor ordinary in 1853 in physics and chemistry at the University of Giessen.

Karl Ludwig Gaertner. (Born: Hanau, Germany, 7 January 1785; Died: Hanau, Germany, 3 October 1829) German apothecary. Gaertner opened a pharmacy in Hanau and became director of the Wetterau Society for the collecting of natural objects in that city.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266738]. Petzholdt, Bibliotheca Bibliographica, 1866: p. 567. (Kopp) ADB. DBA: I 693, 210-223; II 744, 128-132. Hamberger & Meusel, Gelehrte Teutschland, 1796-1834. Hirsch, Biographisches Lexikon, 1884-8. Lambrecht & Quenstedt, Catalogus, 1938: 242. Poggendorff: 1, cols. 1303-4. Schaedler, Biographisch Handwörterbuch, 1891: 61-2. WBI. (Gaertner) Deutsche Apotheker Biographie: 1, 189-200 [by W.-H. Hein]. Poggendorff: 1, col. 828. Siebert, K., "Hanauer Biographien aus drei Jahrhunderten," Hanauer Geschichtsblätter, 3/4 (1919), 60-??: 60-2. Strieder, Grundlage zu einer Hessischen Gelehrten-, Schriftsteller- und Künstler-Geschichte, 18??-31, 19 vols.: 19 (1831), 112-6 [by K.W. Justi; with bibliography of 33 titles].

Taschenbuch für die gesammte Mineralogie, mit Hinsicht auf die neuesten Entdeckungen, herausgegeben von Carl Caesar Leonhard ... (Frankfurt am Main, 1807-29). 28 volumes.
See under: Taschenbuch Für Die Gesammte Mineralogie.

Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Geognosie, Geologie und Petrefaktenkunde. Herausgegeben von Karl Cäsar von Leonhard und H.G. Bonn. (Stuttgart, 1830-2). 3 volumes.
See under: Taschenbuch Für Die Gesammte Mineralogie.

Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Geognosie, Geologie und Petrefaktenkunde. Herausgegeben von Karl Cäsar von Leonhard und H.G. Bonn. (Stuttgart, 1833-62). 33 volumes.
See under: Taschenbuch Für Die Gesammte Mineralogie.

7. German, 1811 [Bibliography].
Allgemeines Repertorium der Mineralogie. Erstes Quinquennium 1806-1811 [-Zweite Quinquennium 1812-1816; -Dritte Quinquennium 1817-1821]. Frankfurt am Main, 1811-1822.

3 vols. [Vol 1: 1811] 8°: [10], 212 p. [Vol 2: 1817] 8°: 160 p. [Vol 3: 1822] 8°: 172 p.

Rare. These three volumes catalog the subjects and the names of authors who published on mineralogy between 1806 and 1821. It is divided into sections of Oryktognosie, Chemische Mineralogie, Geologie und Geognosie, Versteinerungskunde, Mineralogische Ort- und Länderbeschreibung, Mineraliensammlungen, Reisen, Schfiftsteller.

This is a continuation of Taschenbuch für die gesamte Mineralogie. Repertorium.

Bibliographical references: Besterman, Bibliography of Bibliographies, 1965-6: col. ??. BL [(A) OD 06 -G(1)]. LKG: I 25. Margerie, Bibliographies Géologiques, 1896: no. 58. NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266706].

Mineralogische Studien, 1812

8. German, 1812.
Mineralogische Studien | von | Leonhard und Selb. | [tapered rule] | [ornament] | Erster Theil. | [rule] | Mit Kupfern und Karten. | [tapered rule] | Nürnberg, 1812. | Bei Johann Leonhard Schrag.

8°. π6 A-T8 U2; 160l.; [i]-ix, [3], [1]-306, [2] p., frontispiece, 3 plates (2 hand colored, one of which is also folding). Page size: 198 x 118 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii], Dedictation.; [iv], Blank.; [v]-vi, Dedication, signed February 1812.; [vii]-ix, "Inhalt."; [1 pg], "Nachricht für den Buchbinder."; [1 pg], "Mineralogische Studien."; [1 pg], Blank.; [1]-306, Text.; [2 pgs], "Druckfehler und Berichtigungen.";

Plates: The frontispiece is titled "Oberstein" and shows a landscape vista. Page 150, colored, "Das Thal der Nahe von Kreuznach bis Oberstien" [=map]. Page 167, "Der gefallene Felsen." Page 190, colored folding, "Der Canton Graubündten."

Rare. No more published. Co-authored with C.J. Selb [see note below]. The text concentrates of several topographical subjects.

C.J. Selb. (Born: 1755; Died: Villingen, Germany, 6 November 1827) German mining expert. Selb was director of the Salt works at Dürrheim in Baden, Germany. Earlier he was the chief mine engineer at Wolfach in Kinzigthal.

Bibliographical references: LKG: VI 124. NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266732]. (Selb) DBA: I 1174, 49-50. Hamberger & Meusel, Gelehrte Teutschland, 1796-1834. Neuer Nekrolog der Deutschen. Poggendorff: 2, col. 899. WBI.

9. German, 1816.
Beudeutung und Stand | der | Mineralogie. | [tapered rule] | Eine Abhandlung | in der | zur Feier des Allerhöchsten Namenfestes | Seiner Majestät des Königs | am 12. Oktober 1816 | gehaltenen öffentlichen Versammlung | der | Akademie der Wissenschaften zu München | vorgelesen | von | Karl Cäsar von Leonhard. | [tapered rule] | Frankfurt am Main, 1816. | In der Joh. Christ. Hermannschen Buchhandlung.

4°: π1 [1]-144; 57l.; [2], [1]-111, [1] p. Page size: 268 x 214 mm.

Contents: [2 pages], Half title page, "Bedeutung und Stand der Mineralogie," verso blank.; [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-111, Text.; [1 page], Colophon, "Gedruckt zu München mit Hübschmann'schen Schriften."

Very scarce. Reviews the current state of mineralogy and crystallography. The work covers all aspects of classification and physical and chemical properties, describing the current position, and what that knowledge means to science.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266709].

10. German, 1821 [First edition].
Handbuch | Der | Oryktognosie | Von | Karl Caesar von Leonhard, | Geheimenrathe Und Professor An Der Universität | Zu Heidelberg. | [rule] | Für Akademische Vorlesungen Und Zum Selbststudium. | [double rule] | Mit Sieben Steindruck-Tafeln. | [tapered rule] | Heidelberg, | Bei Mohr Und Winter. | 1821.

8°: xxx, [2], 720 p., 7 folding plates.

Very scarce. A detailed work on mineralogy, including mathematical and chemical analyses of various gems and stones.

Bibliographical references: Dana's 7th (Bibliography): 76. Freilich Sale Catalog: no. 350. NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266723]. Ward & Carozzi, Geology Emerging, 1984: no. 1373.

Handbuch, 1826

11. German, 1826 [2nd edition].
Handbuch | Der | Oryktognosie | Von | Carl Caesar von Leonhard, | Geheimenrathe Und Professor An Der Universität | Zu Heidelberg. | [rule] | Für Akademische Vorlesungen Und Zum Selbstudium. | [double rule] | Mit Sieben Steindruck-Tafeln. | Zweite, Vermehrte Und Verbesserte Auflage. | [tapered rule] | Heidelberg, | Bei J.C.B. Mohr. | 1826.

8°: [i]-xxxvii, [1] errata, [1]-852 p., frontispiece (portrait), 7 plates.

Contents: [i-ii], Half title page, verso blank.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso blank.; [v], Dedication.; [vi], Blank.; vii-xiv, "Vorrede | zur ersten Auflage."-dated August 1821.; xv-xxii, "Vorrede | zur zweiten Auflage."-dated 24 August 1826.; xxiii-xxxvii, "Inhalt."; [1 pg], "Berichtigungen und Druckfehler."; [1], Sectional title page, "Oryktognosie."; [2], Blank.; [3]-8, "Einleitung."; 9-106, Text.; 107-809, Text of descriptive mineralogy.; [810]-852, "Register."; [At end], 7 plates.

Very scarce. An amazing, well referenced, and substantial textbook of mineralogical science, treating in the introductory section all aspects of crystallography, physical and chemical properties, nomenclature, and theory of classification. This is followed by the descriptive mineralogy that is comprehensive and lengthy. Interestingly, the descriptions of most of the various species include tables of the various chemical analysis which are some of the earliest examples of comparative mineral chemistry published. Another feature is that with each species full references are given to the previous literature of the mineral. A classified bibliography of mineralogical literature is given on pages 103-106.

Bibliographical references: Dana's 7th (Bibliography): 76. NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266724].

12. German, 1823-5.
Charakteristik der Felsarten. Von Karl Caesar von Leonhard ... Für akademische Vorlesungen und zum Selbststudium ... Heidelberg, J. Engelmann, {1823-5}.

3 parts in one volume. 8°: lxxx, 772 p.

Very scarce. Petrological examination of the feldspars. Contents of the volumes: 1. Ungleichartige Gesteine; 2. Gleichartige und scheinbar Gleichartige Gesteine; 3. Trümmergesteine. Lose gesteine Kohlen.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266712].

13. German, 1825 [First edition].
Naturgeschichte des Mineralreiches ... Heidelberg, 1825.

8°: xiv, [2], 360 p., 2 plates.Very scarce.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266733].

14. German, 1831-3 [2nd edition].
Naturgeschichte des Mineralreichs. Lehrbuch für öffentliche vorträge, besonders auch in gymnasien und realschulen, so wie zum selbststudium. Von Karl Cäsar ritter von Leonhard ... Zweite, sehr vermehrt und verbessert Auflage. Heidelberg: Joseph Engelmann, 1831-3.

2 parts in one volume. 8°: ??, 15 plates (2 hand-colored and 1 folding). 1. Abth. Grundzüge der Oryktognoise - 2. Abth. Grundzüge der Geologie und Geognosie.

Very scarce. Each part has its own special titlepage. Contents: 1. Grundzüge der Oryktognosie (Heidelberg, 1833), which see next entry. 2. Grundzüge der geologie und geognosie (Heidelberg, 1831).

Bibliographical references: NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266734].

15. German, 1833 [2nd edition].
Grundzüge der Oryktognosie. Lehrbuch für öffentliche Vorträge ... Zweite Auflage, vermehrte und verbessert von Karl Cäsar ritter von Leonhard ... Heidelberg, Joseph Engelmann, 1833.

8°: 398 p.

Very scarce. Published as the first part of the two volume work, Naturgeschichte des Mineralreichs (Heidelberg, 1831-3), which see previous entry.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266721].

16. German, 1851.
Naturgeschichte des Steinreichs. Volksfasslich und in Beziehung auf bürgerlichen Leben, Gewerbe und Künste. Leipzig, 1851.

8°: 373 p.

Very scarce. Petrology??

Bibliographical references: NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266735].

17. German, 1851 [3rd edition].
Mineralogie und Geognosie, oder Naturgeschichte des Steinreichs. Volksfaßlich und in Beziehung auf bürgerliches Leben, Gewerbe und Künste. Dritte, verbessert Ausgabe. Stuttgart, J.B. Müller, 1851.

8°: iii-xii, 384 p., 53 illus. Very scarce.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266731].

18. German, 1854.
Aus unserer Zeit in meinem Leben. Stuttgart, 1854.

8°: [18], 176 p.

Very scarce. Leonhard's autobiography.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 327, 218-20 [NL 0266707].

19. German, 1814.
Einige Worte über meine Mineralien-sammlung. Hanau, 1814.


Rare. Leonhard's thoughts on mineral collecting.

Bibliographical references: BL [B.258.(10.)].

20. German, 1832.
Die Basalt-gebilde in ihren Beziehungen zu normalen und abnormen Felsmassen, von Karl Cäsar von Leonhard ... Stuttgart, E. Schweizerbart's Verlagshandlung, 1832.

2 vols. and atlas. (Text) 8°: ??; (Atlas) 8 p., 20 plates (partly colored).

Very scarce. First edition. Rocks - Igneous; Basalt; Petrology;

21. German, 1846.
Bericht über Pierre de Tchihatcheff: Voyage scientifique dans l'Altaf oriental. Aus den Heidelberger Jahrbüchern der Literatur mit Zusätzen besonders abgedruckt. Heidelberg: J.C.B. Mohr, 1846.

8°: Very scarce.

Bibliographical references: NUC.

22. German, 1818.
Mineralogisch-chemische Untersuchungen des Triphan's und Tantalit's von Leonhard und Vogel. München, Lentner, 1818.

8°: 38 p., one plate.

Very rare. Co-authored with Vogel, H. A. (Heinrich August), 1778-1867.Spodumene. Tantalite.