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LAPHAM, Increase Allen.

(1811 – 1875)

(Born: 1811; Died: 1875) American geographer & archaeologist.

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1. English, 1846 [2nd edition].
Wisconsin: | Its | Geography And Topography, | History, Geology, and Mineralogy: | Together With | Brief Sketches Of Its Antiquities, Natural | History, Soil, Productions, Population, | And Government. | [wavy rule] | By I.A. Lapham. | [wavy rule] | Second Edition, Greatly Improved. | [tapered rule] | Milwaukee, I.A. Hopkins, 146 U.S. Block. | New York:-Paine & Burgess, And Saxton & Miles. | St. Louis:-Nafis, Cornish & Co. | [short rule] | 1846.

8°: [i]-viii, 9-208 p.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso "Entered according to Act of Congress, ..."; iii-iv, "Preface."; v-viii, "Contents."; [9]-202, Text.; [203]-208, "Catalogue Of Books."

Very scarce. The first edition was the first bound book printed in Milwaukee in 1844 see Ward & Carozzi. Lapham's "A Catalogue of Plants and Shells found in the Vicinity of Milwaukee" (1836) was the first Wisconsin imprint. Lapham was one of the earliest and best mapmakers of Wisconsin, and was involved in Native American archaeology in that territory. He was a founder of the Wisconsin State Historical Society and the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters.

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