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(1802 – 1872)

(Born: Cassel, Germany, 10 June 1802; Died: 1872) German chemist.

Landgrebe was a Privatdocent at the University of Marburg from 1826 to 1837 before entering industry as a fabricator of chemicals in Cassel, Germany.

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Ueber die Pseudomorphosen, 1841

1. German, 1841.
Ueber die | Pseudomorphosen | im | Mineralreiche | und | verwandte Erscheinungen | von | Dr. Georg Landgrebe, | Mitgliede mehrerer gelehrten Gesellschaften. | [tapered rule] | Cassel, | Verlag von J.J. Bohné. | 1841.

8°: π4 1-218 224; 176l.; [i]-viii, [1]-343, [1] p. Page size: 184 x 120 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii]-iv, "Vorwort"-dated September 1840.; [v]-viii, "Inhalt."; [1]-343, Text, on page 343, "Druck und Papier von Jérôme Hotop in Cassel."; [1 pg], Blank.

Very scarce. In the forward, Landgrebe writes that mineralogy has no field of study more interesting than pseudomorphs, the subject of this book. The text begins with a short introduction that clearly defines pseudomorphs. The work is then divided into two large parts. The first covers mineral pseudomorphs and contains sections on mineral casts (pp. 8-24) and mineral metamorphosis through chemical exchange (pp. 25-245). The second part (pp. 246-343) describes the chemical transformation that occurs to create petrified wood and fossilized bones and plants. Incorporated within the body of the text are all references to pseudomorphs that the author discovered conducting a systematic review of both German and foreign mineralogical literature.