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LACHMUND, Fridericus.

(1635 – 1676)

(Born: Hildesheim, Germany, 1635; Died: Hildesheim, Germany, 1676) German physician.

Lachmund had a medical practice in Hildesheim. He was a member of the Leopoldin Academy and contributed many observations to the societie's Miscellanea.

Biographical references: ADB. DBA: I 729, 299-301; II 778, 361. Jöcher, Gelehrten-Lexikon, 1750-51. Poggendorff: 1, col. 1339. WBI.

ORYKTOGRAPIA Hildesheimensis, 1669

1. Latin, 1669.
ΟΡΥΚΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ | Hildesheimensis, | Sive | Admirandorum Fossilium | Quæ | In tractu Hildesheimensi reperiuntur. | Descripto | Iconibus Illustratæ, | Cui addita sunt alis de calculis, de fontibus, &c. | à | D. Friderico Lachmund | [ line of titles...] | [ornament] | Hildesheimii, | Sumptibus Autoris, | Typis viduæ Jacobi Mülleri | [rule] | Anno M. DC. LXIX.

4°: ):(4 )o(4 ):(23 A-K4 *2; 53l.; [22], 1-80, [4] p., [18] leaves of plates (some folded), many woodcuts in the text.

Contents: [1 pg], Title page.; [7 pgs], Dedication.; [4 pgs], "Ad Curiosum Lectorem."; [8 pgs], Recommendations, one of which is signed Joh. Daniel Major.; [2 pgs], "Index | Sectionum Et Ca- | pitum" (=table of contents).; 1-80, Text.; [4 pgs], "Index."

Rare. This very early topographical study contains mostly descriptions and good woodcut illustrations of the fossils and minerals discovered by the author in the area around Hildesheim, Germany and then held in his personal collection. The text illustrations and the folding plates figure various objects from this collection, including crinoid stems, crystals, and an Egyptian sarcophagus. Gatterer notes this is the first use of now obsolete term "Oryktographia" that was used through out the eighteenth century as a synonym for mineralogy. It is invoked in Greek on the title page as "ΟΡΥΚΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ". This is also the first book describing the mineral species found within a single geographical region and therefore it may be considered the first topographical mineralogy (at least the compiler knows of no other earlier work!).

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