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KRANTZ, Adam August.

(1808 – 1872)

(Born: Neumartk, Schliessen, Germany, 6 December 1808; Died: Berlin, Germany, 30 March 1872) German mineral dealer & mineralogist.

Krantz studied "Geognosie" at the Freiberg Bergakademie earning a Ph.D. In 1833, he founded in Freiberg the "Mineralien-Geschäft von Krantz" (Krantz' Mineral Shop). In 1837, he moved the firm to Berlin, and in 1850, he reestablished the company in Bonn, changing its name to "Rheinisches Mineralien Comptoir." In 1841, Krantz made the first geological map of Elba, Italy, and in 1866, he purchased the mineral business of the Paris dealer, Saemann. By July 1847 Krantz was able to claim in an advertising brochure that he had 750 different mineral species in stock with between 2500 and 3000 varieties and localities represented. In addition, various rock types and fossils could also be suppled. Krantz' personal mineral collection of about 14,000 specimens was acquired by the University of Bonn in 1872.

The Krantz mineral dealing firm survives to the current time. After the founder Adam August died in 1872, his son-in-law, Captain Theodor Hoffmann, managed the company for 16 years, but he knew nothing of mineralogy. In 1888, the son of the founder, the mineral dealer and crystallographer Friedrich Ludwig Robert Krantz, took over management of the firm. Under his leadership the firm of Krantz became famous worldwide. He died in 1926. His wife Olga and nephew Fritz took over the business. Olga operated the firm through World War II by trading goods for specimens. For example, sewing material for fossil crinoids. The nephew, Fritz Krantz, managed the firm from 1948 until 1974. His interests were primarily palaeontological. His daughter, Renate Krantz, who had a degree in geology, managed the firm from 1974 until her death in 1995. In turn her daughter, Ursula Müller-Krantz, manages the firm to the present time.

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Mineralien-Sammlung , 1843

1. German, 1843 [Sale catalog].
Mineralien-Sammlung | zusammengestellt | nach dem System des Prof. Naumann und dem | Lehrbuch der Mineralogie, von Dr. E. Leyde. | (Berlin bei Mittler.) | von | A. Krantz, | Brüderstrasse No. 39. | [rule] | Preis 8 Thaler. | [tapered rule] | Berlin, 1843. | Druck von H.S. Hemann, Post-Str. No. 23.

8°: [1]-22 p. Page size: 208 x 128 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-22, Text.

Very rare. An early (perhaps first?) sale catalog describing a mineral collection of 144 specimens arranged in the 7 classes of Carl Naumann's classification system from this famous mineral dealing firm.

2. German, 1845.
Preis-Verzeichniss vorräthiger Mineralien, Gebirgsarten und Versteinerungen in der Mineralien-Handlung. [Berlin, 1845].

4°: 2l. Page size: 410 x 245 mm.

Very rare. Overall a rare and early sales catalog of this famous German mineral dealer when he was still located in Berlin.

3. German, 1866 [8th edition].
Verzeichniss von verkauflichen Mineralien, Gebirgsarten, Versteinerungen, Gypsmodellen seltener Fossilien und Krystall Modellen in Ahornholz im Rheinischen Mineral-Comptoir. Achte Auflage. Bonn, Georgi, 1866.

8°: ?? p. Rare.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 305, 340 [NK 0281636].

4. German, 1875 [Catalog].
Verzeichniss von verkäuflichen Mineralien, Gebirgsarten, Versteinerungen Gypsmodellen seltener Fossilien und Krystallmodellen in Ahornholz im Rhein. Mineralien-Comptoir ... August Krantz ... Bonn, Georgi, 1875.

8°: iv, 52 p. Rare.

5. German, c1885 [Katalog Nr 1].
[Four lines contained within an oval border:] Gegründet 1838 | Preisgekrönt: Mainz 1842 Berlin 1844 London 1854 | Paris 1855 London 1862 Paris 1867 Sydney 1879 | Bologna 1881 Amsterdam 1885 | Rheinisches | Mineral-Contor | Dr A. Krantz | In | Bonn | [ornate rule] | [Within a single rule, oval border:] Katalog Nr 1 | Mineralien | [ornate rule] | Es stehen ferner auf Wunsch kostenfrei zur Verfügung: | Katalog Nr 2: Petrafacten | "         " 3: Gypsmodelle von Petrafacten | "         " 4: Gesteine und Dünnschliffe.

8°: Very scarce.

6. German, c1904 [Katalog Nr 4].
Petrographie: Gesteine, Dunnschliffe, Diapositive, Petrographische Apparate ... Katalog Nr. 4. 5. Auflage. [Bonn, C. Georgi Universitats Bruchdruckerei], pref. 1904

8°: x, 197 p. Very scarce.

7. German, c1908 [Katalog Nr 20].
Geschäftsgündung 1833 | [rule] | Preisgekrönt: | [...4 lines of prizes...] | [wavy rule] | Dr F. Krantz | Rheinisches Mineralien-Contor | Fabrik und Verlag mineralogischer | und geologischer Lehrmittel | in | Bonn a. Rh. | [ornate rule] | Katalog Nr. 20 | Mineralogisch-geologischer | Schul-Katalog | = mit zahlreicher Abbildungen. =

8°: [i]-vi, [1]-71, [1] p., 44 illus. Printed wraps. Page size: 224 x 140 mm. Rare.

8. German, 1913 [Katalog Nr 18].
Allgemeiner mineralogisch-geologischer Lehrmittel-Katalog für den Schulgebrauch. Katalog Nr. 18. 1. Teil = Catalogue Général pour l'usage des Écoles Minéralogie et Géologie=General Catalogue for the use schools Mineralogy and Geology. 2. Auflage. Bonn, Verlag mineralogischer und geologischer Lehrmittel, 1913.

8°: xxi, 240 p., illus. Very scarce.

Crystal Model Catalogs

9. German, 1862 [First edition].
Catalog einer Sammlung von 675 Modellen in Ahornholz zur Erläuterung der Krystallformen der Mineralien. Bonn, 1862.

8°: 50l. The introduction is signed August Krantz. Very rare.

Bibliographical references: Katalog Bergakademie Freiberg, 1879: p. 369 [VI. 947.].

10. German, 1880 [2nd edition].
Catalog einer Sammlung von 743 Modellen in Birnbaumholz zur Erläuterung der Krystallformen der Mineralien ausgegeben vom Rheinischen Mineralien-Comptoir Dr. A. Krantz in Bonn. 2., von Prof. P. Groth in Strassburg rev. und verm. Aufl. des älteren Catalogs von 675 Modellen. Bonn, Rheinischer Mineralien-Comptoir Krantz, 1880.

8°: 50 p.

Very rare. Written by Paul Groth.

11. German, 1895 [Abridged edition].
Katalog einer Sammlung von 396 Modellen in Birnbaumholz enthaltend sämmtliche in Prof. P. Groth's Lehrbuch der physikalischen Krystallographie (3.Aufl., Leipzig 1895) abgebildeten Krystallformen und Combinationen zusammengestellt von P. Groth. Bonn, Verlag Mineralogischer un Geologischer Lehrmittel, c1895.

8°: iv, 24 p.

Very rare. Written by Paul Groth. Catalog to a smaller selection of wooden crystal models sold through the firm of Krantz.

12. German, 1902 [3rd edition].
Sammlung von 928 Modellen in Birnbaumholz zur Erläuterung der Krystallformen der Mineralien. Dritte Auflage. Von Prof. C. Hintze in Breslau revidirte und vermehrte Auflage des älteren Katalogs des Krantz'schen Mineralien-Contors in Bonn. Bonn, 1902.


Very rare. This collection of Krystallmodellen is increased of 675 pieces in the first edition (1862) on 928. Became since the appearance of the 2. Edition in the last 14 years again described minerals considers, at the same time however 150 older dispensable appearing models drawn in, so that the Gesammtzahl remained limited to 928 pieces. Newly described Krystalltypen of long-known minerals was consulted only in very limited Maasse. For each number like in former times under indication of the literature the surfaces in NAUMANN' and MILLER' manners were enumerated. A register facilitates the use of the in certain respects useful and comfortable compilation. -Max Bauer.

Bibliographical references: Centralblatt für Mineralogie: 1902, p. 663 [by M. Bauer].