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KOCH, Johann Georg.

(1735? – 1805)

(Born:      ; Died: St. Peterburg, Russia (?), 1805) Russian bureaucrat.

Koch was a appointed a royal advisor to the Russian court on matters of state, and he also sat on the school commission of St. Petersburg.

Biographical references: LKG: p. 293.

Vergleichungen, 1795

1. German, 1795.
J.G. Kochs, | Russisch=Kaiserl. Collegienraths, | Vergleichungen | mineralogischer Benennungen | der Deutschen | mit arabischen Wörtern. | [tapered rule] | [...2 lines of quotation, signed Liv...] | [tapered rule] | Leipzig, | In der Breitkopfischen Buchhandlung. | 1795.

8°: A-C8 D3; 27l.; [1]-54 p. Page size: 182 x 100 mm. uncut.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-6, "An den Leser."-dated St. Petersburg, 1792.; [7]-54, "Vergleichungen."

Rare. In an original work, the author has created the earliest and perhaps only dictionary comparing the mineralogical terms of the German and Arabic languages. The text first provides the term in German followed by its Arabic equivalent, which is then followed by a lengthy definition in German.

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