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KLOCKMANN, Friedrich F. H.

(1858 – 1937)

(Born: Schwerin, Germany, 12 April 1858; Died: Aachen, Germany, 17 November 1937) German mineralogist.

In 1881 Klockmann graduated from the University of Rostock with a doctorate in mineralogy. In 1887 he became a professor of mineralogy and geology at the Mining Academin in Clausthal, but took a position in 1899 as professor of mineralogy and petrology at the Technical Highschool in Aachen where he spent the remainder of his career, becoming emeritus professor in 1923.

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1. German, 1892 [First edition].
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie für Studirende und zum Selbstunterricht bearbeititet von F. Klockmann. Stuttgart, Verlag von Ferdinand Enke, 1892.

8°: xii, 467, [1] p., 430 illus.

Very scarce. This is the first appearance of a popular series of textbooks of mineralogy that would continue to be revised and expanded through other editors and authors to the present day, becoming known simply as Klockmann's Lehrbuch. The basic themes of the science typical of all great textbooks are covered, including crystallography, the physics of minerals and chemical properties. The second part is a descriptive mineralogy. The work became widely used in the German education system.

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2. German, 1900 [2nd edition].
Lehrbuch | Der | Mineralogie. | Für | Studirende Und Zum Selbstunterricht | Bearbeitet Von | Dr. F. Klockmann, | [...2 lines of titles and memberships...] | [rule] | Mit 498 Textfiguren. | [rule] | Zweite umgearbeitete Auflage. | [ornate rule] | Stuttgart. | Verlag Von Ferdinand Enke. | 1900.

8°: [i]-xiv, [1]-672 p., 498 illus. Scarce.

Contents: [i-ii], Ornament, verso blank.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso printer's infromation.; [v], Dedication to Dr. Hauchecorne.; [vi], Blank.; [vii]-viii, "Aus dem Vorwort zur ersten Auflage."; [ix]-x, "Vorwort zur zweiten Auflage."-signed F. Klockmann, 9 September 1899.; [xi]-xiv, "Inhalt-Uebersicht."; [1]-2, Einleitung.; [3]-280, "I. Theil. Allgemeine Mineralogie."; [211]-594, "II. Theil. Specielle Mineralogie."; 595-602, "Anhang I. Die nutzbaren Mineralien."; 603-653, "Anhang II. Bestimmungen."; [654]-672, "Register."

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3. German, 1903 [3rd edition].
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie. Dritte, verbesserte und vermehrte Auflage. Stuttgart, Ferdinand Enke, 1903.

8°: xii, 588, 41 p., 522 illus. Scarce.

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4. German, 1907 [4th edition].
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie. 4., verbesserte und vermehrte Auflage. Stuttgart, F. Enke, 1907.

8°: xii, 622 p., 553 illus. With a Tabellarische Übersicht über die 250 wichtigsten Mineralien, 41, [4] p. Scarce.

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5. German, 1912 [5th edition].
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie. Stuttgart, F. Enke Verlag, 1912.

8°: 628 p., 562 illus., and a Bestimmungstabelle über die 250 wichtigsten Mineralien. Scarce.

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6. German, 1922 [7th edition].
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie. Mit 580 Textabbildungen und 2 Anhängen. 1. Tabellarische Übersicht über die wichtigsten Mineralien (Bestimmungstafeln); 2. Übersicht über die nutzbaren Mineralien. Stuttgart, Enke, 1922.

8°: xii, [2], 667 p., plus supplement. Scarce.

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Ramdohr's Stewardship

After Klockmann's death, Paul Ramdohr took over the authorship of the what was then called Klockmann's Lehrbuch der Mineralogie.

7. German, 1936 [11th edition].
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie. Neu herausgegeben von Paul Ramdohr. Elfte völlst. umgearbeitet Auflage. Stuttgart, 1936.

8°: xii, 625 p., 613 illus. Scarce.

Paul Ramdohr. (Born: 1 January 1890; Died: 8 March 1985) German mineralogist & geologist. Ramdohr was a talented mineralogist, igneous and metamorphic petrologist and economic geologist. He taught at the University of Heidelberg, and specialized in studies of ore minerals and their development.

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8. German, 1942 [12th edition].
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie. Neu herausgegeben von Paul Ramdohr. 12., vollständig umgearb. Auflage. Stuttgart, Enke, 1942

8°: xii, 659 p., 606 illus. Scarce.

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9. German, 1948 [13th edition].
Klockmann's Lehrbuch der Mineralogie neu herausgegeben von Paul Ramdohr. 13. durchgesehene auflage. Stuttgart, Ferdinand Enke, 1948.

8°: xii, 674 p., illus., charts (1 folded). Chart folded at back of book. Includes index.

Scarce. Edited by Paul Ramdohr [1890-     ].

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