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KJERULF, Theodor.

(1825 – 1888)

(Born: Christiania [now Oslo], Norway, 30 March 1825; Died: Christiania [now Oslo], Norway, 25 October 1888) Norwegian mineralogist & geologist.

Kjerulf was educated in the University at Christiania, and subsequently studied at Heidelberg, working in Bunsen's laboratory. In 1858 he became professor of geology in the university of his native city, and he was afterwards placed in charge of the geological survey of the country, then established mainly through his influence. His contributions to the geology of Norway were numerous and important, especially in reference to the southern portion of the country, and to the structure and relations of the various rock structures and the glacial phenomena. His principal results were embodied in his geological work Udsigt over det sydlige Norges Geologi (Kristiania, 1879). He also authored some poetical works.

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1. Norwegian, 1865 [First edition].
Stenriget og Fjeldlæren af Theodor Kjerulf. Kristiania, Stensballe, 1865.

8°: vi, 240 p., illus.

Rare. First edition of this well known work on mineralogy and field geology. Divided into three secitons, the first discusses mineralogy and petrology, followed by a large section on the formation and structure of the earth's crust, and concluding with a summary of the geology of southern Norway. Throughout are interested woodcuts illustrating concepts discussed in the text, including two full page illustrations showing gigantic crystals extracted from a pegmatite.

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2. Norwegian, 1870 [2nd edition].
Stenriget og Fjeldlæren. 1. Om stene og bergslag. 2. Jordskorpens sammenføining. 3. Norges fjeldbygning. Med 360 i texten trykte træsnit.Udgivet efteropfordring og med understøttelse af den kongelige norske regjerings departement for det indre Mørkegrønt skinn halvband med gulldekorert og opphøgd rygg. Kristiania, P.F. Steensballe, 1870.

8°: vi, 279 p., 360 illus. Rare.

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3. Norwegian, 1878 [3rd edition].
Stenriget og Fjeldlæren ... 1. Om Stene og Bergarter. 2. Jordenskorpens ... 3. Norges Fjeldbygning. Med 400 i Texten trykte Træsnit samt af et farvetrykt Kart. Tredie omarbeided Udgave ... Kristiania, P.F. Steensballe, 1878.

8°: vi, 292 p., one folding colored map of southern Norway, 400 illus. Rare.

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4. Norwegian, 1892.
Beskrivelse af en række norske bergarter. Kristiania, I kommission hos H. Aschehoug & Co., 1892.

8°: 2, 91, [1] p., plates. Notes: Programm-Univ. Christiania.

Rare. Kjerulf's description of the geology and petrology of his native Norway, with special emphasis on analyses of the igneous rocks of the region.

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