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(1854? – ?)

1. Swedish, 1894 [Collection catalog].
Förteckning | öfver | Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags Aktiebolags | Mineralkabinett | Upprättad år 1894 | af | Björn Kjellberg | Auskultant i Kongl. Kommersekollegium.

8°: π8 1-308; 73l.; [1]-146 p.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso "Lindesberg Oriel Blombergs Boktryckeri 1895".; [3]-5, Foreword by Carl Sahlin.; [6], Blank.; [7]-141, Catalogue.; [142], Blank.; [143]-146, Index.

Rare. Catalogue over the mineral collection of Stora Kopparbergs mining company, that were operating the copper mine at Falun. The collection consist, it still exists, of four parts: the Bielke collection; a collection of minerals and rocks from the copper mine at Falun; a small collection of minerals from the Grängesberg iron ore field; a less important collection brought together by mine officials from abroad as well as material from the mine at Falun. The collection of count Nils Adam Bielke [1724-1792] is the most important as it is the only complete private 18th century mineral collection in Sweden (and maybe the whole of Scandinavia) that is complete and not dispersed within a larger collection. It was first donated to the Ädelfors goldworks but later transferred to Falun by Bielkes widow. It consists of 7000 specimens distributed over approximately 5300 no's of which 2/3 are minerals. \JKjellman

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