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KISLING, Johann.

(1713 – 1748)

(Born: Naumberg, Schesia, Germany, 17 April 1713; Died: Prag (Praha), Czech Republic, 23 April 1748) German Jesuit.

Kisling was a professor of philosophy at the University of Prague.

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1. Latin, 1784.
Compendium Physicae Experimentalis de Corporibus Mixtis Mineralibus Generatim, et de Admirandis Regni Bohemiae Metallis, Lapidibus et Succus Fossilibus in Specie. Pragae, 1784.


Rare. A compendium of observations on the mineral bodies found in Bohemia. Included are discussions of their probable formation inside the earth, together with a list of the various metals, stones, and other fossils found in the region. The book is dedicated to Emporer Rudolf, and includes an interesting section describing his mineral collection, as well as a description of the Jesuit maintained mineral collection at the Clementinum in Prague.

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