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(1794 – 1832)

Journal des Mines, 1794

1. French, 1794-1832 [Periodical].
Journal | Des Mines, | Publié | Par l'Agence Des Mines | De La Republique. | [rule] | N° 1er. | [rule] | Vendemiaire de l'an III. | [ornament] | A Paris, | De L'Imprimerie De Du Pont, | rue de la Loi, N° 1232.

Vols. 1-38 with 2 index vols. (all publ.). With 169 engraved plates or maps and 22 tabs.

Rare, especially in complete runs. This is one of the earliest mineralogical and mining journals, which still continues in print although now under the name of Annales des Mines. The text contains many contributions from famous mineralogists of the time such as Haüy, Dolomieu, Daubuisson, Brongniart, Laplace, Werner, etc.

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