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JENTZSCH, Carl Alfred.

(1850 – 1925)

(Born: Dresden, Germany, 29 March 1850; Died: Berlin, Germany, 1925) German geologist.

Jentzsch recieved his Ph.D. from the University of Leipzig in 1872. He joined the Prussian Geological Survey in 1875, and became a professor of geology at the University of Königsberg and director of the provincial museum in 1889.

Biographical references: DBA: I 605, 82-83. WBI.

1. German, 1874 [Bibliography].
Die geologische und mineralogische Literatur des Königreiches Sachsen. Leipzig, 1874.

8°: 132 p.

Rare. Bibliography of the geological and mienralogical literature of the kingdom of Saxony, including information on the minerals found in the region.

Bibliographical references: BMC: 2, 932. NUC. Spencer, Catalogue of Topographical Mineralogies, 1948 [p. 308].

2. German, 1892 [Collection catalog].
Führer | durch die | Geologischen Sammlungen | des | Provinzialmuseums | der | Physikalisch-Oekonomischen Gesellschaft zu Königsberg | bearbeitet vom Direktor | Prof.Dr. Alfred Jentsch. | [wavy rule] | Mit 75 Textabbildungen und zwei Tabellen | enthaltend eine | Uebersicht der Geologie Ost- und Westpreussens. | [vignette] | Königsberg in Pr. | In Kommission bei Wilh. Koch. | 1892.

8°: [1]-106 p., 75 illus., 2 folding tables. Page size: 224 x 146 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3-4], Preface.; [5]-106, Text.; [At end], Tables.

Rare. The Provincial Museum in Königsberg, Prussia, was largely destroyed during World War II, but before its demise it held a large geological section featuring fossils, stones, minerals, and rocks found in Prussia and adjacent lands. This is the only description of its contents before its destruction. Incidental information on the mineral resources of the Prussian state are also contained in its specimen descriptions. The folding tables show a chronological summary of the geological formations, their nature, thickness, and fossils found of East and West Prussia.

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