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JENA, Mineralogical Society.

(1787 ff. – )

Founded 1797. This is the first scientific society devoted exclusively to mineralogy. It was established through the efforts of Johann Georg Lenz [q.v.], a professor at the city's University. Lenz together with 18 other founding members elected Count Domokos Teleki [1773-1798], an amature mineral collector as chairman, and this set the tone of cooperation between scientists and collectors within the organization.

By 1801, the Societät für die gesammt Mineralogie zu Jena had a membership of 595 members, including many enthusiastic amateurs and professional mineralogists and students throughout Europe. Many of the best known mineralogical authors of the time held membership. Unfortunately, the complete roster of names as not survived, only some interesting statistics. Of the membership, a high percentage were probably students since 126 lived in Jena and 73 others were Hungarian in nationality.

Biographical references: Wilson, History of Mineral Collecting, 1994.

1. German, 1990.
Die Sozietät | für die gesamte Mineralogie | zu Jena unter Goethe | und Johann Georg Lenz | von | Johanna Salomon | [Initials "B V" contained in an ellipse] | 1990 | Böhlau Verlag Köln Wien.

8°: [i]-xiv, [1]-232 p., biblio. Page size: 228 x 153 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Series title page, "Mitteldeutsche Forschungen | Herausgegeben von | Reinhold Olesch, Roderich Schmidt, Ludwig Erich Schmitt | Band 98," verso blank.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso copyright information.; [v], "Inhalt."; [vi], Blank.; [vii], "Vorbemerkung."-signed Roderich Schmidt, August 1990.; [viii], Blank.; [ix]-xi, "Vorwort."-dated 1 June 1986.; [xii], Blank.; [xiii]-xiv, "Abkürzungen und Zeichen."; [1]-117, Text.; [118], Blank.; [119], "Anhang."; [120], Blank.; 121-145, Text of the Anhang.; 146, Blank.; [147]-217, "Anmerkungen."; [218]-225, "Quellenverzeichnis."; [226]-232, "Literaturverzeichnis."

Very scarce. Authored by Johanna Salomon [1920-1989] this thoroughly researched volume is the only modern history of the first mineralogical society. The author who died before seeing his book in print has written a concise and accurate statement of the Sozietät für die gesamte Mineralogie's role in mineralogy and German science in general. Using the previously overlooked archives of the University of Jena as well as many other sources a vivid biography is crafted of this Society from its founding in 1796 until its demise in 1830. Included within the 1170 notes are many biographical referneces to the Society's members.

The contents may be described as: I. History of the Society from 1796 to 1830. II. Biography of the founder Johann Georg Lenz. III. Goethe as president. IV. Dominik Teleki von Szék and members from Hungary and Transylvania.

Historische Nachricht von der Societät ... Von J.F.H. Schwabe (Jena, 1801).
See under: Schwabe, Johann Friedrich Heinrich.

2. German, 1802 [Periodical].
Annalen der Societät für die gesammte Mineralogie. Herausgegeben von Johann Gottlob Lenz und Johann Friedrich Heinrich Schwabe ... Jena & Leipzig, 1802.

Rare. Edited by Johann Georg Lenz and Johann Friedrich Heinrich Schwabe this is the first volume of the published proceedings of the Societät für die gesammte Mineralogie in Jena, Germany, which continued for some years under different titles [see entries below].

Bibliographical references: BL. BMC: 2, 930. GV (1700-1910): 87, 56. Partsch, Katalog der Bibliothek, 1851: no. 2742.

3. German, 1804-6 [Periodical].
Schriften | der | Herzoglichen Societät | für die | gesammte Mineralogie | zu | Jena. | [tapered rule] | Herausgegeben | von | Johann Georg Lenz, | [...12 lines of titles and memberships...] | [rule] | Erster Band. | Mit drey Kupfertafeln. | [tapered rule] | Jena 1804. | Im Verlag des Hofbuchdrucker Göpferdts.

3 vols. [Vol 1: 1804] 8°: [Vol 2: 1805] 8°: [Vol 3: 1806] 8°: Rare.

Bibliographical references: BMC: 2, 930. GV (1700-1910): 87, 56. Partsch, Katalog der Bibliothek, 1851: no. 2742.

4. German, 1806-25 [Periodical].
Neue Schriften | der | Grossherzoglich S. Societät | für die | gesammte Mineralogie in Jena. | [rule] | Herausgegeben | von | D. Johann Georg Lenz, | Bergrath, Professor, und Director der mineralogischen | Societät in Jena, | und | D. Johann Friedrich Heinrich Schwabe, | Superint. und Oberpfarrer in Neustadt a.d.O. | [rule] | Erster Band. | Mit einem Portrait und einer Charte. | [tapered rule] | Neustadt a.d.O. 1823. | Gedruckt und verlegt von Johann Karl Gottfried Wagner.

2 vols. [Vol 1: 1823] 8°: [i]-xvi, [1]-356 p., frontispiece (portrait of J.G. Lenz). [Vol 2: 1825] 8°: [i]-x, [1]-324 p., 2 plates (folding, maps). Page size: 202 x 122 mm. Rare.

Contents: [Vol 1] [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii]-viii, "Widmung."; [ix]-xiv, "Vorrede."-signed Lenz & Schwabe, November 1822.; [xv]-xvi, "Inhaltsanzeige."; [1]-356, Text.

[Vol 2] [i-ii], Half title page, verso blank.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso blank.; [v]-viii, "Vorrede."-signed Lenz & Schwabe, 4 January 1825.; [ix]-x, "Inhaltsanzeige."; [1]-324, Text.;

Bibliographical references: BMC: 2, 930. GV (1700-1910): 87, 56. Partsch, Katalog der Bibliothek, 1851: no. 2742.

Statuten und Verzeichniss der Mitglieder, 1804

5. German, 1804.
Statuten und Verzeichniss | der | Mitglieder | der | Herzoglichen Societät | für die | gesammte Mineralogie | zu Jena. | [tapered rule] | [tapered rule] | Jena, 1804. | gedruckt und zu haben bey dem Hofbuchdrucker | Göpferdt.

8°: π1 A-C8; 25l.; [2], [1]-48 p. Page size: 178 x 104 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [1]-6, "Statuten | der | Herzogl. | Societät | für die | gesammte Mineralogie zu Jena."-signed Georg Lenz, 30 January 1804.; 7-48, "Verzeichniss der Mitglieder."

Very rare. Separate edition which similtaneously appeared in the Annalen der Herzoglichen Societät für die gefammte Mineralogie zu Jena. The first part provides a description of the 10 statues governing the Society, while the second more lengthy portion gives a membership list that is like a roll-call of the greatest mineralogists of Europe and Britain.

Bibliographical references: NUC [no copy listed].