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(1650 – 1701)

(Born: Aarhus, Denmark, 6 July 1650; Died: Copenhagen, Denmark, 18 June 1701) Danish chemist & physician.

Jacobæus was a leading member of Thomas Bartholin's group of comparative anatomists and a favorite pupil of Steno. After graduating from the University of Copenhagen, he traveled extensively throughout Europe, enhancing his scientific abilities. Upon returning to Aarhus in 1679, he was appointed professor of philosophy and medicine at the University of Copenhagen. In 1699, Jacobæus was made a councilor of the Tribunal of Justice.

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1. Latin, 1696 [First edition].
Museum Regium | seu | Catalogus | Rerum tam naturalium, quam | artificialium, | quae | in Basilica Bibliothecae | Augustissimi Daniae Norvegiaez | Monarchae | Christiani | Qvinti | Hafniae asservantur, | Descriptus | ab | Oligero Jacobaes | Med. & Phil. Prof. Regio | cum Auctoris | cum Priviligio | Hafniae | Literis Reg. Cels. Typogr. Joachim Schmetgen | Anno M.D.C.XVCI.

2°: [18], 201, [5] p., frontispiece, 37 engraved plates (one double-page, 1 folding), title vignette, and engraved head- and tail-pieces.

Plates: All the illustrations are engraved by J. Erichsonig after drawings executed by B. Grothschilling.

Scarce. As the librarian of Copenhagen University, Jacobaeus was also given the duty to arrange the Royal Collection of Curiosities, of which this is a printed description. It incorporates all the collections made by Ole Worm and Bernard Paludanus [??-??]. The text provides descriptions of the museum specimens, some of which are shown on the fine plates. The engraved frontispiece shows a portrait of Christian V, the royal coat-of-arms, and a view of the "Museum Regium." The plates show a curious mixture of man-made and natural objects, including an Eskimo costume, coins, medals, stuffed animals, birds, fish, shells, serpents, insects, as well as fossils and minerals. The depiction of items is even carried into the engraved head- and tail-pieces as well as the engraved initials, all of which show other collection specimens.

The Naturalia portion is divided into seven sections: (1) Man, including mummies and other animals and quadrupeds, (2) Birds, (3) Fish, (4) Shells, (5) Reptiles and Insects, (6) Plants, and (7) Metals, minerals, stones and earths. The Artificialia has five divisions corresponding to: (1) Artificial objects of metal, wood, bone, horn and amber, (2) Weapons, clothes, implements and utensils from India, Turkey, Greenland and elsewhere, (3) Antiquities, (4) Scientific and mechanical apparatus, and (5) Coins, medals, seals.

Related work: Index alphabeticus describtionis [sic] Muséi Regii rariorum partis[que] primae (partis secundae) de rebus naturalibus, quae Hauniae asservantur, secundùm editionem ultimam & auctiorem [of O. Jacobaeus' "Muséum Regium, seu Catalogus rerum ... quae in basilica bibliothecae ... monarchae, Friderici Quarti, Havniae asservantur"] unà cum quibusdam analectis uberoribus [sic]. [By Hans Gram.] Havniae, 1726. 2 parts, 2°. [BL Shelfmark: 435.h.21.(2.)].

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2. Latin, 1699 [Supplement].
Auctarium Rariorum, quae Museo Regio per Triennium Havniae Accesserunt, Uberioribus Illustrata Commentariis Praecipue Numismata et aliae Antiquitates Parti Secundae, aut insertae aut Inserendae. Anno MDCXCIX.

2°: [2], 97, [1] p., plates 38-41.

Rare. Supplemental volume with 4 additional plates.

Bibliographical references: Balsiger, Kunst und Wunderkammern, 1970: 280. BL [38.f.2.].

3. Latin, 1710 [2nd edition].
Museum regium, seu Catalogus rerum tam naturalium, quam artificialium, qvae in basilica bibliothecae augustissimi Daniae Norvegiaeq; monarchae, Friderici Qvarti, Havniae asservantur, gloriosis-simae memoriae rege, Christiano Qvinto, regnante, ab Oligero Jacobaeo ... Hauniae, ex reg. majest. & universit. typographeo, [1710].

2°: 260 leaves, portrait, 55 plates. Title vignette: head and tail pieces; initials.

Very scarce. Edited by Johannes Laverentzen [??-??], this edition was prepared for Frederick IV.

Reissue: Muséum Regium, seu Catalogus rerum tam naturalium, ... Cum indice alphabetico & analectis uberioribus. Hauniae, [1726.] 2 parts, 2°. [BL Shelfmark: 560*.f.8.].

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