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IRBY, John Robin MacDaniel.

(1854? – 1880)

(Born: Lynchbury, Virginia, U.S.A., 1854?; Died: 25 March 1880) American mineralogist.

Irby studied mineralogy at the University of Virginia from 1873 to 1875. For post graduate work, he studied at the University of Göttingen, from which he received his Ph.D. in mineralogy in 1878.

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On the Crystallography of Calcite, 1878

1. English, 1878.
On The | Crystallography | Of Calcite. | [short rule] | Inaugural-Dissertation | On Attaining The Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy | From The | Georgia-Augusta-University | At Goettingen | By | J.R.Mc.D. Irby, B.Sc. | Of Lynchburg, Va. U.S. | [short rule] | [tapered rule] | Bonn, | Printed By Charles Georgi. | 1878.

8°: [i]-viii, [1]-72 p., one plate ("Calcite from Agaëte and Lake Superior"). Page size: 218 x 135 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii], Dedication to the author's father and Gustav von Rath.; [iv], Blank.; [v]-viii, "Preface."; [1]-72, Text.; [At end], Plate.

Rare. This work first appeared as a prize winning dissertation at the University of Göttingen under the title, Kritische Untersuchungen über der Kalkspath-Skalenoeder (Bonn, 1877). It describes some of the diverse crystallography of the mineral species calcite.

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