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IGELSTRöM, Lars Johann.

(1822 – 1897)

(Born: Yngshyttan near Persberg, Värmland, Sweden, 10 February 1822; Died: Gräs, Sunnemo parish, Värmland, Sweden, 15 May 1897) Swedish geologist & mineralogist.

Studied Bergsskolan Filipstad 1841-42 with special vitsord in mineralogy and chemistry. Studied further chemistry at the laboratory of L. F. Svanberg 1844. Worked in Finland as fieldgeologist at gold-expeditions to Kuusamo. Back in Sweden scholarship at Jernkontoret to 1857. Mineralogical travels in Sweden during field seasons where followed up with winters in laboratory. He described several new minerals from the phosphate bearing quartzite at Horrsjöberg, Värmland. Moved 1859 back to his family home at Persberg, where he stayed until 1871. During this time I. continued his scientific work even though he had no official position. Especially the mineral recourses of Värmland was investigated. Igelström recognized hausmannite and braunite in the Långban-type manganese ore deposits Långban, Nordmark and Pajsberg and described oddities such as native lead, monimolite, manganophyllite, pyroaurite etc. from these localities. He even recognized a new Långban-type deposit; Sjögruvan in Grythytte parish After I's move to Gräs 1871 follows an idle period regarding his scientific work. The reason for this was that I was more heavily involved in farming both at his family home and his new home that came into the family via his wife. Also, Gräs was much more peripheral to the mining areas of Värmland when comparing to his earlier, central position in Persberg. In the 1880's he resumed his mineralogical investigations, especially from Sjögruvan from which he described several new species (today many of these have been discredited).Igelströms accomplishments has to be judged in the light of his own time. Doing that he stands out as one of the major swedish mineralogists. He was extremely productive and published more than 100 articles and short notes in geology and mineralogy in the major swedish journals of the time many of thes went out in translated versions in several german and french scientific journals.REFERENCES: Axel Hamberg, "Lars Johan Igelström" Geologiska Föreningen i Stockholms Förhandlingar: vol 19, pp. 498-508.

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1. Swedish, 1850 [First edition].
Elementar-Lärobok i Mineralogi omfattande svenska mineralriket. Filipstad, 1850.

8°: Very scarce.

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2. Swedish, 1858 [First edition].
Mineralogisk vägvisare | i Wermland. | af | L.I. Igelström. | [ornate rule] | Stockholm. | Albert Bonniers Förlag, | 1858.

8°: [1]8 24; 12l.; [1]-24 p. Very scarce.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso "Stockholm. Hörbergska boktryckeriet, 1858."; [3]-22, Text.; [23-24], Editors advertisement.

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3. Swedish, 1871.
Mineralogisk vägvisare i Wermland. Karlstad, 1871.

8°: 46 p. Rare.

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4. Swedish, 1861.
Sveriges jern-, koppar-, silfver-, kobolt-, zink-, m. fl. malmer, deras allmänna förekomstsätt, deras igenkänningstecken och deras profvande etc. Karlstad, 1861.

8°: Very scarce.

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5. Swedish, 1872 [2nd edition].
Sveriges malmer och nyttiga mineralier, | deras förekomstsätt, igenkänningstecken, | profvande och uppsökande. | af | L.J. Igelström. | [rule] | andra genomsedda och tillökta upplagan. | [rule] | Örebro, 1872. | Abr. Bohlins boktryckeri.

8°: π2 1-78 84; 62l.; [i]-iv, 119, [1] p. Very scarce.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii]-iv, Contents.; [1]-2, Forword to first and second editions.; [3]-119, Text.; [1 pg], Blank.

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