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HUSSAK, Eugen.

(1856 – 1911)

(Born: 1856; Died: 1911) Austrian/Brazilian petrologist & mineralogist.

Hussak for a time worked with the K. Geologische Reichsanstalt, Vienna. He then became an instructor at the Universities of Kiel and Bonn, before emigrating to Brazil, where he served as a geologist for the Commiss{\v a}o de Planalts Central, and later in the mining industry of the country.

Biographical references: Ihering, Hermann von. "Necrologio, Dr. Eugenio Hussak," Revta Mus. paul., Sao Paulo, Brazil, 9 (1914), 18-54, portrait. Österreich Biographisches Lexikon: 3, p. 16. Sarjeant, Geologists, 1980: 2, 1350.

1. German, 1885.
Anleitung Zum Bestimmen | Der | Gesteinbildenden | Mineralien. | Von | Dr. Eugen Hussak | Privatdocent An Der Universität Graz. | [rule] | Mit 103 Holzschnitten. | [tapered rule] | Leipzig | Verlag Von Wilhelm Engelmann | 1885.

8°: [2], [i]-[iv], [1]-196, [2] p., 4 plates, 103 illus. Page size: 220 x 145 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso "Alle Rechte vorbehalten."; [i], "Vorwort."; [ii], Blank.; [iii-iv], "Inhalt."; [1]-196, Text.; [1 pg], "Zusätze und Berichtigungen."; [1 pg], "Druk von Breitkopf & Härtel in Leipzig."; [At end], 4 plates.

Very scarce. An important work in petrology, this is an introduction to the rock forming minerals. The text is divided into two parts: 1. Methods of examination and 2. Tables for the determination of minerals. The work gives more completely than had been before attempted in a single volue a description of the techniques used in determining the mineralogical study of rocks, using optical, chemical and mechanical operations. A second part gives a series of tables for the determination of the rock forming minerals, which condense a large amount of information down to a useful size.

Bibliographical references: BMC: 2, p. 895. NUC. NY Academy Portrait Catalog. USGS Library Catalog.

2. English, 1886 [English transl.].
The | Determination | Of | Rock-forming Minerals. | By | Dr. Eugen Hussak, | Privat-Docent In The University Of Graz. | [rule] | With One Hundred and Three Woodcuts. | [rule] | Authorized Translation From The First German Edition | By | Erastus G. Smith., Ph.D., | Professor Of Chemistry And Mineralogy, Beloit College, | Beloit, Wisconsin. | New York: | John Wiley & Sons. | 1886.

8°: [i]-viii, [1]-233, [1] p., 103 illus., diagrams.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso "Copyright, 1885, by | John Wiley & Sons."; [iii]-iv, "Preface To First English | Translation."-signed Erastus G. Smith, October 1885.; [v], "Preface."-Eugen Hussak, November 1884.; [vi], Blank.; [vii]-viii, "Table Of Contents."; [1]-196, Text.; [197]-214, "Bibliography."; [215]-218, "Explanation of Cuts Accompanying Part II."; [219]-228, "Cuts Accompanying Part II."; [229]-233, "Index."; [1 pg], Blank.

Very scarce. Translation by Erastus G. Smith of Anleitung zum bestimmen der gesteinbildenden Mineralien (Leipzig, 1885), which closely follows the plan of the original edition.

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