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HOTTINGER, Johann Heinrich.

(1680 – 1756)

(Born: 1680; Died: Zurich, Switzerland, 1756) Swiss physician.

Swiss physician. Hottinger had a medical practice in Zürich and was a member of the Leopoldinae Academie.

Biographical references: Nouvelle Biographie Générale (Hoefer). Poggendorff: 1, col. 1148.

Krystallogia, 1698

1. Latin, 1698 [Dissertation].
ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΟΛΟΓΙΑ | Seu, | Dissertatio | De | Crystallis, | Harum Naturam, ad mentem Veterum | & Recentiorum per sua Phæomena expli- | catius tradens, | Quam, | Divinâ aurigante Gratiâ, | Sub Præsidio | Viri Excellentißimi & Doctißimi, | D. Solomonis Hottingeri | Medic. Doct. & P.P. | Curioso Orbi discutiendam proponit, | Joh. Henricus Hottingerus, | [Greek word], Author. | Die 18. Januarii; 1698 | H.L.Q.S. | [rule] | Tiguri, | Ex Typographeo Bodmeriano.

4°: π1 A-E4 F2; 23l.; [2], 1-44 p., one plate (showing various crystal specimens and diagrams).

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; 1-44, Text.

Extremely rare. At the age of 18, Johann Heinrich Hottinger authored and was respondent to this disseratation over which his uncle, Samuel Hottinger, presided. At the time, the Collegium Carolinum in Zurich was one of the great educational institutions of Europe, and it is perhaps through the influence of it famous professor, Johann Jacob Scheuchzer, that Hottinger was inspired to write this crystallography. In it, he gives a history and etymology of the term "crystal," classifies specimens according to external form, makes observations on crystal habit and concludes that crystals grew from solution. References are given throughout the text to contemporary literature.

German translation, 1946: Die Krystallogia | Von Johann Heinrich Hottinger | (1698) | Herausgegeben und kurz erläutert von | P. Niggli | (nach einer Übersetzung von H. Niggli und unter | Mitwirkung von J. Schroeter und W. Rüegg) | 1946 | Verlag H.R. Sauerländer & Co., Aarau.

Scarce. Translation by Hedwig Niggli and published as Publ. Soc. Suisse Hist. Méd. Sci. Nat., Aarau, 14, 100 p., 2 plates.

Samuel Hottinger. (Born: Zurich, Switzerland, 6 June 1649; Died: Zurich, Switzerland, 27 October 1713) Swiss physicist. Swiss physicist. Hottinger was professor of physics at the Gymnasium in Zurich from 1691 until his death.

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