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HEPPE, Johann Christoph.

(1745 – 1806)

German watchmaker & naturalist.

Heppe followed his father trade and became a watchmaker. He was also a private scholar who apparently had a great interest in natural history and science.

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1. German, 1776-80.
Die Drey Reiche der Natur zum Gebrauch für Lehrer und Hofmeister bey dem Unterricht der Jugend. Tierreichs. Erste Ausgabe. Planzenreichs. Erste Ausgabe. Stein- und Mineralreichs. Erste und Zweyte Ausgabe. [By J. C. Heppe]. Nuremberg, Christoph Daniel Henning, 1776-80.

3 parts. [Part 1: 1776] 4°: 48 p., 10 hand-colored plates (animal subjects). [Part 2: 1776] 4°: 56 p., 10 hand-colored plates (plant subjects). [Part 3: 1780] 4°: 62 p., 20 hand-colored plates on 17 leaves (mineral and gem subjects). Page size: 210 x 175 mm.

Plates: All the plates are designed by J.C. Henning.

Very rare. A very rare colored illustrated work describing the three kingdoms of nature, animals, plants and minerals. It was directed to curious youths, and its texts reflects this direction. Some of the zoological plates show apes and monkeys.

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