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HARIOT, Thomas.

(1560 – 1621)

(Born: Oxford, England, 1560; Died: London, England, 1621) English explorer, navigational expert, mathematician, scientist & astronomer.

Hariot was tutor to Sir Walter Raleigh, who sent him in 1585 to Virginia as surveyor with Sir Richard Grenville. Returning to England, Hariot wrote A Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia (1588), one of the earliest known large-scale statistical surveys. He made valuable contributions to algebra, introducing new symbols and notation. His Artis analyticae praxis appeared in 1631.

A Brief and True Report, 1588

1. English, 1588 [First edition].
\Clove A briefe and true re- | port of the new found land of Virginia: of the commodities there found and to be raysed, as well mar- | chantable, as others for victuall, building and other necessa- | rie vses for those that are and shalbe the planters there; and of the na- | ture and manners of the naturall inhabitants: Discoucred by the English Colony there seated by Sir Richard Greinuile Knight in the | yeere 1585. which remained vnder the gouernment of Rafe Lane Esqui- | er, one of her Maiesties Equiere, during the space of twelve monethes: at | the speciall charge and direction of the Honourable Sir | Walter Raleigh Knight, Lord Warden of | the stanneries; who therein hath beene fauou- | red and authorised by her Maiestie and | her letters patents: | Directed to the Aduenturers, Fauourers, | and Welwishers of the action, for the inhabi- | ting and planting there: | By Thomas Hariot; seruant to the abouenamed | Sir Walter, a member of the Colony, and | there imployed in discouering. | [ornament] | Imprinted at London 1588.

4°: A-D4 E3; 19l.; no pagination. Ornamental device (A1v).

Contents: A1r, Title page.; A1v, Ornamental device incorporating the phrase "A More Et Virtve."; A2r-A2v, "Rase Lane on her Maiesties." (=preface).; A3r-E3v, Text.

Extremely rare. The science of North America began with Thomas Hariot and his Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia, a thin volume in quarto, printed at London in 1588. This narrative appeared in the English market in an attempt to entice others to emigrate to the recently founded colony of Roanoke in the Virginia colony. It is now one of the rarest and most precious works relating to America and is full of interest to the naturalist. Hariot's description of the Indians and their customs and beliefs, though strongly tinctured with prepossessed ideas concerning them, is thorough and scholarly, and one of the fullest and most reliable of the early treatises upon the inhabitants of North America. In addition, Hariot gives a good description of the natural history of the territory surrounding the colony, included are descriptions of the plants, roots, berries, fish, animals and minerals that were readily available to the colonists. Among the mineral substances desecribed are pyrite, clay, slate, pearls, and iron and copper ores. These are the earliest printed descriptions about mineralogical items found on the North American continent.

Hariot's Report is an abstract of a now-lost Chronicle written while he lived in Virginia in 1585-6. Although in the Report Hariot states his intent to publish the full Chronicle at a later date, it was never printed. The first edition of A Briefe and True Report was published in quarto in 1588. It does not appear in the Stationers' Register, nor does any printer's name or mark appear in the text. However, Randolph Adams identifies the printer's device on the title page as belonging to London printer Robert Robinson. There is no record of how many copies of the 1588 edition were printed, but the run is assumed to be small. The book was intended for limited circulation among the wealthy to persuade them to invest in Sir Walter Raleigh's attempt to establish a permanent colony in the new world. Only six copies of the 1588 edition are known to survive.

Facsimile reprint, 1903: A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia By Thomas Hariot Reproduced in Facsimile from the First Edition of 1588. New York, Dodd, Mead & Co., 1903. 48 pp. (unpaginated). With an introduction by Luther S. Livingston, this edition was limited to 520 copies.

Facsimile reprint, 1951: A Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia. New York, The History Book Club, 1951. 12°: xvii, [3], [49] p.

A facsimile edition of the 1588 Quarto, with an introduction by the Randolph G. Adams. Cartographic paper over boards, boxed.

Bibliographical references: Brunet. NUC. Sabin, Dictionary, 1868-1936: no. 30377.

A Brief and True Report, 1590

2. English, 1590 [2nd edition].
[Contained within an elaborate engraved device containing two compartments, the text in the first compartment reads:] A brief and true report | of the new found land of Virginia | of the commodities and of the nature and man | ners of the naturall inhabitant Discouered by | the English colony there seated by Sir Richard | Greinuile Knight in the yeere 1585. Which rema | zined vnder gourerment of twelve monthers. | At the speciall charge and direction of the Honou | rable Sir Walter Raleigh Knight lord Warden | of the stanniers Who therein hath beene fauoured | and authorised by her Maiestie | and her letters patents: | This fore booke is made in English | By Thomas Hariot seruant to the abouenamed | Sir Walter, a member of the Colony, and there | imployed in discourring | Cvm Gratia Et Privilegio Cæsmatrs Specialt | [Contined in the second compartment:] Francoforti ad Moenvm | Typis Ioannis Wecheli, Svmtibus Vero Theodri | De Bry Anno CD D XC. | Venales Reperivntvr In Officina Sigismvnde Feir Abendii.

3 parts. 2°: (33, [1] p., [1] leaf of plates ; [6] p., [23] leaves of plates (some fold.) ; [8] leaves, [5] leaves of plates) : ill., map. Engraved title-page.

Contents: [Part 1] [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-4, "To The Right | Worthie An Honov- | rable, Sir Vvalter Ralegh, | ..." (page shows an engraved coat of arms)-signed Theodorvs de Bry, April 1590.; 5-6, "To The Adven- | tvrers, Favorers, And | Vvelvvillers Of The En- | terprise For the Inhabitting." (=preface).; 7-33, Text, dated with printer's device on page 33, February 1588.; [1 pg], Blank.

[Part 2] [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [2 pgs], "The Table | Of All De Pictv- | res Contained In | this Booke of Virginia. (=lists 23 plates).; [1 pg], "To the gentle Reader."; [1 pg], Blank.

[Part 3] [2 pgs], Title page, verso "The trvve picture of one | Pict. I."; [12 pgs], Text printed on reverse side of the plates.; [3 pgs], "A Table" (=index).; [1 pg], Errata.; [1 pg], "At Franckfort. | Inprinted By Ihon We- | chel, at Theodore de Bry, owne | cost and charges. | M D XC."

Very rare. The folio edition of 1590 was published simultaneously in English, French, German and Latin by Theodore de Bry, as part of his series on America. De Bry added a series of engravings based on watercolors by John White, a member of the 1585 colony and governor of the 1587 colony. Additional commentary about the natives, probably written by DeBry or White, accompanies the engravings.Plates 1-23 have title: The true pictures and fashions of the people in that parte of America now called Virginia, discowred by Englishmen sent thither in the years of Our Lorde 1585 ... Translated out of Latin into English by Richard Hackluit. Diligentlye collected and draowne by Ihon White ... now cutt in copper and first published by Theodore de Bry ...The last 5 plates have title: Som picture, of the Pictes which in the olde tyme dyd habite, one part of the great Bretainne ..."Also pub'd in French, Latin, and German, the latter 2 forming pt. 1 of de Bry's America seriies in those languages"-STC (2nd ed.)

Bibliographical references: STC: no. 12786.

3. German, 1590 [German transl., 1st edition].
Wunderbarliche, doch warhafftige Erklärung, von der Gelegenheit vnd Sitten der Wilden in Virginia ... Erstlich in engelländischer Sprach beschrieben durch Thomam Hariot, vnd newlich durch Christ. P. in Teutsch gebracht. Franckfort am Mayn, Gedruckt bey J. Wechel, in Verlegung D. Bry, 1590.

4°: 33, [89] p., 28 illus., folding map.

Very scarce. Edited by Theodor de Bry [1528-1598].

4. German, 1600 [German transl., 2nd edition].
Wunderbarlich doch warhafftige erklärung von der gelegenheit vnd sitten der wilden in Virginia welche newlich von den Engelländern so im jar 1585 vom Herrn Reichard Greinuile einem von der ritterschafft in gemeldte landtschafft die zu bewohen geführt waren ist erfunden worden in verlegung H Walter Ralegh ritter vnd obserten desz zinbergwercks ausz vergünstigung der dutchleuchtisgsten vnnd vnvberwindlichsten Elisabeth königin in Engelland &c. Erstlich in engelländischer sprach beschriben durch Thomam Hariot vnd newlich durch Chirst. P. in teutsch gebracht. Jetz widerumb vbersehen vnd andernmal in truck gegeben. Published : Gedruckt zu Frankfort am Mayn bey Matthes Becker in verlegung Dieterich de Bry seliger nachgelassene Wittwe vnd beyder söhne. 1600.

4°: A-G4 H6 I8 K6 [L]-[M]4 N3; 59l.; 31 p., 45l. including plates, double map. Engraved title page. Head and tail-piece.

Very rare. Translation by Christopher P- of A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia (London, 1588); the first edition of the German translation was published in 1590. Forms Part I of the German edition of Theodore de Bry's collection of Great voyages. Illustrations engraved by de Bry from John White's drawings. Title-page for plates: Warhafftige Contrafacturen und Bebräuch der Innwohnern der jenigen Landschafft in America welche Virginia ist genennet worden von der Engelländern die auss Befelch dess Gestrengen Hernn Waltheri Ralegh ... Alles auss das aller fleissigst erkündigt vnd auff das artlichst Abcontrafeyt von Johann With ... Gedruckt zu Oppenheim bey Hieronymo Gallern, In Vorlegung Johann Theodor de Bry, anno 1619."Third edition. The title at the beginning is the second edition title." Imperfect: "Àddress to the Reader', between Plates I & II, missing. Plate XXIII, the Ètliche contrafeyt', and the 5 plates with their explanations, occupying 9 leaves: missing."