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HAMLIN, Augustus Choate.

(1828 – 1905)

(Born: 28 August 1828; Died: 1905) American physician & businessman.

Hamlin - also known as A. C. Hamlin - of Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine. Son of Elijah L. Hamlin. Born in Columbia, Washington County, Maine, 1829. Republican. Mayor of Bangor, Maine, 1877-78. Died in Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine, November 18, 1905. Interment at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Bangor, Maine."Dr. A. C. Hamlin. - Dr. Augustus C. Hamlin, of Bangor, Surgeon-General of Maine, on the staff of Gov. Robie, is one of the most distinguished medical officers in New England. He served in the army during the entire war. He was entrusted with important commands in the Army of the Potomac, as Medical Director, and in the Army of Western Virginia. He was afterward promoted to one of the highest positions, that of Medical Inspector, in the staff of the regular army; and served with distinction in the Army of the South during the famous siege of Fort Wagner, and was afterwards assigned to the armies of the Southwest under the command of Major General [Henry] Thomas. Dr. Hamlin is a man of high scientific attainments, and is a member of numerous scientific societies, both at home and abroad. - N. Y. Medical Record."

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The Tourmaline, 1873

1. English, 1873.
The Tourmaline. | Its Relation As A Gem; Its Complex Nature; Its Wonder- | ful Physical Properties, Etc., Etc.; With Special | Reference To The Beautiful And Match- | less Crystals Found In The | State Of Maine. | By A.C. Hamlin, M.D. | [...2 lines of titles and memberships...] | With Illustrations. | [ornament] | Boston: | James R. Osgood And Company, | (Late Ticknor & Fields, And Fields, Osgood, & Co.) | 1873.

8°: [1]-107, [1] p., 4 chromolithographic plates.

Contents: [Frontispiece].; [1-2], Title page, verso "Entered according to act of Congress..."; [3], Quotation.; [4], Blank.; 5, "Contents."; [6], Blank.; [7]-107, Text.; [1 pg], Blank.

Very scarce. This is the first separately published account of the fine, gem grade tourmaline crystals found at Mount Mica, Maine, illustrated by four beautiful chromolithographic plates of specimens. Hamlin was the son of one of the original discovers of the deposit, and he substantially developed the quarry. His first hand observations give a fascinating account of the locality and specimens and make this slim volume an easy read.

Contents: Chapter I. History of Tourmaline - Its Discovery, and the Derivation of its name (pp. 13-22). Chapter II. Localities and Peculiarities of Deposition and Distribution (pp. 25-35). Chapter III. Description of Mt. Mica and Its Mineral Treasures (pp. 36-74). Chapter IV. The Physical Wonders of the Tourmaline - Its Electrical Properties - Its Optical Phenomena - Its Play of Color, Compared with other Gems (pp. 75-101). Origin of Precious Stones (pp. 102-107). The four plates figuring specimens of Maine tourmaline are excellent productions.

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2. English, 1891 [Second edition].
Leisure Hours Among | The Gems | By | Augustus C. Hamlin | [...4 lines of titles and memberships...] | [...6 lines of quotation, signed Rabelais...] | Boston And New York | Houghton, Mifflin And Company | The University Press, Cambridge | 1891.

12°: extra blank flyleaf supplied + [10], [13]-439 p., 2 chormolithographic plates.

Very scarce. A leisure tour of information about various gemstones including the diamond, the emerald, the opal and the sapphire. Written in Hamlin's easy style myths, lore and scientific data associated with the stones is provided in the text about, and it is clear that Hamlin was acquainted with early gemological books as they are cited within the text. The two chromolithographic plates are crude, especially in comparison with the author's other two works. They depict the Russian Imperial Crown of Empress and a doubly terminated blue sapphire from Ceylon that was held in the author's collection. According to Sinkankas (1993) the chapter on the emerald was reprinted in Mineral Digest Magazine, New York, 3, (Summer 1973), pp. 17-32, 7 color figs.

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History of Mount Mica, 1895

3. English, 1895.
The | History of Mount Mica | Of | Maine, U.S.A. | And | Its Wonderful Deposits of Matchless | Tourmalines | By | Augustus Choate Hamlin | [...4 lines of titles and memberships...] | [rule] | Bangor, Maine | Published by Augustus Choate Hamlin | 1895.

8°: [2], 72 p., 51 plates (43 chromolithographies), 4 illus.

Very scarce. This privately published volume chronicles the history of an important, early American gemstone locality. Beginning with a chapter on the discovery of Mount Mica, the book continues with stories of other explorations, a description of the deposit, and diagrams showing where the major pockets were found. Of particular interest are the finely executed plates, showing various tourmaline crystals collected over the years. These plates are among the best chromo-lithographes of minerals ever produced in the United States.

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