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(1759 – 1847)

(Born: Yorkshire, England, 13 December 1859; Died: 1847) English geologist.

Second wrangler, Trinity College, Cambridge, 1783; fellow of Trinity College, 1784; Woodwardian professor of geology, Cambridge, 1788-1818; vicar of Trumpington, 1817-47; F.R.S., 1801; original member of the Geological Society of London; made additions to the Woodwardian Museum, Cambridge.

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Plan of a Course of Lectures, 1792

1. English, 1792.
A | Plan | Of A | Course of Lectures | On | Mineralogy, | To Which Is Prefixed | An Essay | On The Different Kinds Of | Mineral Collections, | Translated From The German Of Professor | Werner. | [tapered rule] | by John Hailstone,| Woodwardian Professor Of Fossils In The | University Of Cambridge. | [tapered rule] | Cambridge, | Printed by J. Archdeacon Printer to the University; | For J. & J. Merrill, Cambridge; T. Cadell, Strand, | B. White & Sons, in Fleetstreet, G. & T. Wilkie, | and J. Evans, in Paternoster Row, London. | MDCCXCII.

8°: π3 A-E8 F4; 47l.; [2], [i]-iv, [1]-88 p.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [i]-iv, "Preface"-dated June 24, 1792.; [1]-41, "On the Different Sorts of Collections of which a complete Cabinet of Fossils ought to Consist. By A.G. Werner ..."; [42]-43, Commentary by Hailstone about Werner's treatment of the Ohain collection not contained in the previous section.; [44]-47, "Appendix."-discussion of Michael Mercati's collection of minerals.; [48], Blank.; [49]-53, "Plan of a Course of Lectures on Mineralogy. Introduction.; 54-57, "Part the First. Description of Fossils."; 58-78, "Part the Second. Systematical Arrangement of Fossils."; 79-88, "Part the Third. Geognosy or the Knowledge of the Earth's internal Structure."

Very rare. Hailstone studied under Werner at Freiberg and based this work on the theories of his former teacher, as well as one of Werner's articles, "Von den verschiednerley Mineraliensammlungen, aus denen ein vollständiges Mineralienkabinett bestehen soll" (see: Sammlungen zur Physik und Naturgeschichte, 1 (1778), 387-420). Although the title of this work and Hailstone's position as Woodwardian Professor of geology at Cambridge would dictate otherwise, it is not clear that he ever delivered a single lecture.

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