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GONNELLI, Giuseppe.

(1680? – ?)

1. Latin, 1702.
Thesaurus | Philosophicus, | Sev | De Gemmis | Et Lapidibus Pretiosis | Doctoris Physici | Josephi | Gonnelli | [ornament] | Neapoli. M.DCCII. | Apud Joannem Baptistam Komarek. | [rule] | Superiorum Permissu.

12°: a12 A-K12 L11; 143l.; [24], 258, [4] p. Woodcut headpiece, ornamental initials, chapter ornaments. Page size: 136 x 74 mm.

Rare. Basically this is a treatise on gems and other precious stones, compiled from many ancient and contemporary sources, with little or no originality on Gonnelli's part. The first portion of the text is divided into three parts describing: (1) the nature of the lapidifying juice, (2) how gemstones derive their color, and (3) the rôle of water in mineral formation. Afterwards is an alphabetical glossary containing descriptions of many gemstones. A somewhat lengthy bibliography of cited authorities occurs on pages 225 to 234. Appended at the end are the regulations of the library of the convent of the Blessed Mary de Monte Carmelo at Venafro.

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