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FUIREN, Thomas.

(1623 – 1675)

(Born: 1623; Died: 1675) Danish physician & naturalist.

He built a museum of natural and artificial rarites, that also contained minerals.

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Rariora Musæi, 1663

1. Latin, 1663 [Collection catalog].
Rariora | Musæi | Henrici Fuiren | Medicninæ Doctoris | Qvæ | Academiæ Regiæ Hafniensi legavit, | Publici juris facta | à | Thoma Fuiren. | [ornament] | [rule] | Hafniæ, | Imprimebat Mattahias Godicchenius | Anno M. DC. LXIII.

4°: A-C4 D1; 13l.; no pagination.

Contents: [A1r], Title page.; [A1v], Blank.; A2r-D1r, Text.; D1v, Blank.

Very rare. This catalog provides a listing of specimens contained in the Copenhagen physician Henrick Fuiren's [1614-1659] museum, which together with a valuable library were bequeathed to the University of Copenhagen. The text provides the names of the various specimens and includes shells, minerals, plants, etc. It was compiled by Thomas Fuiren, the brother of Henrick after the later's death. Thomas had previously cataloged the library in Catalogus Bibliothecæ Henrici Fuiren (Hafniæ, 1660).

This text of this catalog originally appeared in Thomas Bartholin's Domus Anatomica (Hafniæ, 1662), p. 41.

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