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ENDE, Ferdinand Adolf von.

(1760 – 1817)

(Born: Celle, Germany, 1760; Died: Mannheim, Germany, 1817) German legal expert & astronomer.

Ende was appointed to the post of chief appellate advisor in Celle 1803, followed by an appointment as state justice minister in Stuttgart. He became an advisor on legislation in Carlsruhe. Then in 1810, he retired to Mannheim. to enjoy his hobby of astronomy.

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1. German, 1804.
Über Massen und Steine die aus dem Monde auf die Erde gefallen sind, von F.A. Freiherr von Ende ... Braunschweig, Friedrich Vieweg, 1804.

8°: π3 1-114 121; 48l.; [6], [1]-90 p.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [4 pgs], "Vorrede."; 1-90, Text.

Rare. This is a detailed account of the iron and stone masses that were reputed to fall from the sky to the earth and that had been observed since ancient times. The early 19th century witnessed a debate concerning the origins of these meteorites, and Ende provides accounts of the various theories, including those of Gassendi, Chladni, and Descartes.

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