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CSIBA, István.

(1673 – 1719)

(Born: Kecskemét, Hungary, 29 October 1673; Died: Kassa, Hungary, 29 September 1719) Hungarian clergyman.

Csiba was a Jesuit who wrote many works on a large variety of subjects.

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1. Latin, 1714 [Dissertation].
Dissertatio historico-physica montibus Hungariae. R. P. Stephano Csiba. Tyrnaviae (Tyrnau), Typis Acad. Roden, 1714.

8°: 140 p.

Very rare. Disseration,Tyrnau University, 1714. A scholastic dissertation that provides a natural history description of the mountainous regions of Hungary, including its mineral wealth, mines, minerals, geology, etc.Treatise about the mountains and the fauna of Hungary, with a description of regions where wines are produced. Contemporary hardpaper binding, minor damage to the spine. Poss.: Horvát István és Lehr Albert gyujteményi bélyegzojével.

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