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COLLINS, Joseph Henry.

(1841 – 1916)

(Born: London, England, 1841; Died: London, England, 1916) English mining expert.

Collins had his early education in Derbyshire, which influenced his life long interest in minerals. He was apprenticed to the sculpture R. Underwood, but instead chose to continue his education. While attending the Royal School of Mines in 1868, Collins together with his classmate, A. Liversidge successfully carried off one of the Royal exhibitions, much to the embarrassment of the school authorities. In 1869, Collins was offered a position as lecturer and assistant secretary to the Miner's Association of Cornwall and Devon. In accepting the post, he moved to Truro, where he became well versed in the Cornish mining methods. In 1873, Collins returned to London and began working as a consulting engineer. From 1880 to 1884 he was employed in Spain, but returned to London for health reasons. Collins was elected a Fellow of the Geological Society, London in 1869, and he was also instrumental in founding the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland in 1876.

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Handbook to the Mineralogy, 1871

1. English, 1871 [First edition].
A | Handbook | To The | Mineralogy | Of | Cornwall And Devon, | With Instructions for their Discrimination, and Copious | Tables of Localities, | by | J.H. Collins, F.G.S. | [...5 lines of titles and memberships...] | [double rule] | Truro: | Heard And Sons. | London: | Longmans, Green, Reader, And Dyer. | 1871.

8°: [11], [1]-108, [2] p., 10 plates intersperced with 5 pages of description, [2] p. Page size: 215 x 130 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Half title page, "A Handbook | To The | Mineralogy | Of | Cornwall And Devon," verso Truro: | Printed By Heard And Sons, | Boscawen Street."; [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [1 pg], Dedication to Robert Were Fox, F.R.S.; [1 pg], Blank.; [1 pg], "Preface."-dated September 1871.; [1 pg], "List Of Works Consulted."; [1 pg], "List Of Abbreviations Occassionally | Employed."; [1 pg], "Contents."; [1 pg], "Errata."; [1 pg], Blank.; [1]-108, Text.; [2 pgs], "Addenda."; 10 plates intersperced with 5 descriptive pages.; [2 pgs], "List Of Subscribers."

Very scarce. This work intended for students, miners and collectors describes the mineral species found in the pennisula of Cornwall in the north-west of the island of England. This extraordinary area though small in size has produced an abundance of different mineral species. Part one provides a determinative mineralogy, gives a nomenclature of Cornish minerals, provides a systematic overview, distribution in the area and the paragensis of the species ??. Part two is an alphabetical list of minerals found in Cornwall and Devon.

Bibliographical references: BMC: 1, 367. Dana's 7th (Bibliography): 69.

2. English, 1892 [2nd edition].
A Handbook to the Mineralogy of Cornwall And Devon ... by J.H. Collins ... Truro & London, 1892.

8°: [11], [1]-108, [2] p., 10 plates intersperced with 5 pages of description, [2] p. Very scarce.

Facsimile reprint, 1969:A handbook to the mineralogy of Cornwall and Devon. Second edition. Truro, Eng., D. Bradford Barton, 1969. [Reprint of the 1892 ed.]

Bibliographical references: NUC. USGS Library Catalog.

3. English, 1873 [First edition].
Putman's Elementary Science Series. | [rule] | A First Book Of | Mineralogy. | For Use In | Science Classes And Higher And Middle | Class Schools. | By | J.H. Collins, F.G.S., | [...4 lines of titles and memberships...] | [ornament] | New York: | George P. Putman's Sons, | 182 Fifth Avenue.

8°: A-K8; 80l.; [1]-160 p.,159 illus. Page size: 168 x 104 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-5, "Preface."-signed J.H.C.; [6], Blank.; [7]-8, "Contents."; [9]-155, Text.; 156-157, "Examination Questions."; [158]-160, "Index."

Very scarce. This is an introductory work to the study of minerals. Part one covers crystallography, chemical properties, blowpipe usage, pseudomorphs, paragensis, and classification. Part two is a short descriptive mineralogy covering nonmetallic minerals (pp. 88-122) and metallic minerals (pp. 123-155).

Another issue: A First Book in Mineralogy. London & Glasgow, [1873].

Bibliographical references: BMC: 1, 367. USGS Library Catalog.

4. English, 1878-83.
Putman's Advanced Science Series. | [rule] | Mineralogy. | By | J.H. Collins, F.G.S., | [...3 lines of previous publications...] | [rule] | Vol. I.-The General Principles Of Mineralogy. | [rule] | With 579 Illustrations. | [ornament] | New York: | G.P. Putnams's Sons, | 182 Fifth Avenue.

2 vols. Very scarce.

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