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COBRES, Joseph Paul Edlen von.

(1749 – 1826)

(Born: 1749; Died: Augsburg, Germany, c1826) German merchant.

Cobres was a member of the Jena Mineralogical Society. He was also a royal advisor, Maltheferritter and Reichsedler in Augsburg.

Biographical references: DBA: I 195, 361-362. Gradmann, Das Gelehrte Schwaben, 1802. Hamberger & Meusel, Gelehrte Teutschland, 1796-1834. Schwabe, Historische Nachricht, 1801. WBI.

1. German, 1781-2 [Bibliography].
[Engraved title page; contained within an elaborate, engraved border showing a scene from nature:] Deliciae | Cobresianae | J.P. Cobres | Büchersammlung | zur | Naturgeschichte | [signed at bottom:] J.F. de Göz inv. et secit 1782.

2 vols. [Vol 1: 1781] 8°: π4 a8 b6 A-I8 K4 L-R8 S6 T-Z8 Aa-Gg8 Hh1; 253l.; [8], [i]-xxviii, [1]-470 p.; [Vol 2: 1782] 8°: π3 Hh7 Ii-Zz8 Aaa-Ooo8 Ppp5; 247l.; [6], 471-956, [1] errata, [1] blank p., index. Paged continuously, each volume has an added, engraved title page. Engraved head piece and on page 828 a quaint engraved printer's device occurs. The engravings were drawn and executed by J.F. von Göz. Page size: 198 x 121 mm.

Contents: [Vol 1] [2 pg], Half title page, "I. | Theil," verso blank.; [2 pg], Title page, verso blank.; [2 pg], Engraved title page.; [1 pg], Dedication to the friends of natural history.; [1 pg], Blank.; [i]-xv, "Vorbericht."-signed Cobres, 1781.; xvi-xix, "System Des Catalogs."-consisting of a description of the overall classification in both German and Latin.; xx-xxviii, "Erklärung | Der Verkürzungen."; [1]-470, Text.

[Vol 2] [2 pgs], Half title page, "II. | Theil," verso blank.; [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [2 pgs], Engraved title page.; 471-798, Text.; [799]-828, "Verbesserungen | und Ergänzungen."; [829]-956, "Register."; [1 pg], "Druckfehler."; [1 pg], Blank.

Very scarce. Early classified catalog of the author's own library consisting of c2,500 entries with detailed collations, notes and references to reviews. All three realms of natural history are amply represented, including mineralogy. The work concludes with an author/title index. After this catalog was published, Cobres continued to add volumes to his library. This augmented library was later sold by the bookseller, W. Birett, who issued a catalog, Verzeichniss der Bücher der berühmten naturhistorischen Bibliothek des weiland Herrn J.R. Ritters von Cobres, deren Verkauf um billige, sehr verminderte Preise besorgt wird von Wilhelm Birett ... in Augsburg. Augsburg, 1827. [8°: iv, 134, [2] p., listing 3,370 items].

According to Petzholdt, an abridged Deliciae Cobresianae was compiled by C.F. Prange under the title Systematisches Verzeichniss aller derjenigen Schriften (Halle, 1784) [which see].

Facsimile reprint, 1966: Deliciae Cobresianae | J.P. Cobres | Büchersammlung | zur Naturgeschichte | A. Asher & Co. | Amsterdam | 1966. 2 vols., 8°: [8], [i]-xxviii, [1]-470 p.; [6], 471-956, [2] p.

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Orographische Briefe uber das Siebengebirge und die benaehbarten zum Theile vulkanisch. Gegenden beider Ufer des Niederrheins au Hrn. J.P. Edlen von Cobres von K.W. Nose ... (Frankfurt am Mainz, 1789-90).
See under: Nose, Karl Wilhelm.