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CAVALLO, Tiberius.

(1749 – 1809)

(Born: Naples, Italy, 30 March 1749; Died: London, England, 21 December 1809) Italian physicist & acoustic expert.

Cavallo emigrated to England in 1771, where he became generally interested in the science of physics, but became particularly interested in the study of electrical phenomen. Cavallo's studies in this field culminated in the publication of his most important work, A Complete Treatise on Electricity in Theory and Practice (1st ed., London, 1777). He also published many other works on physical phenomena, including magnetism, fluid and gas mechanics, and musical sounds. Cavallo was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1779.

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Explanation, 1786

1. English, 1786.
Explanation | And | Index | Of | Two | Mineralogical Tables. | [rule] | By Tiberius Cavallo, F.R.S. | [rule] | London: | Printed For The Author; | And Sold By Charles Dilly, In The Poultry; | Peter Elmsley, In The Strand; | And John Stockdale, In Piccadilly. | [rule] | M.DCC.LXXXVI.

8°: A-B8 C6; 22l.; [1]-44 p.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-44, Text.

Very rare. Issued with Mineralogical Tables. The Tables having been published in folio are essentially never seen together with their {Explanation}. This text describes the author's view of how minerals should be classified.

Tables, 1786: Mineralogical Tables by Tiberius Cavallo, F.R.S. [Contains, "Mineralogical Table 1, containing the classes, orders, genera, species, and varieties of mineral substances," and "Mineralogical Table 2, containing the principal properties of mineral substances."]. London, Printed for the Author, 1786. 2°: 2 charts.

Extremely Rare (no copy traced). These tables recording a series of notes illustrative of mineralogy were issued with a companion volume, Explanation and Index of Two Mineralogical Tables.

Bibliographical references: BL [B.548.(3.)]. Dana's 7th (Bibliography): 69. LKG: XII 112a*.

Mineralogische Tafeln, 1786

2. German, 1786 [German transl.].
Tiberius Cavallo, | Mitglieds der Königl. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften | zu London, | Mineralogische Tafeln, | welche sowohl | die Systematische Anordnung, | als auch | die vornehmsten Eigenschaften, | aller bisher | bekannten Mineralogischen Substanzen, | enthält; | nebst einem | Register und der Anweisung, | wie man dasselbe gebrauchen solle; | übersezt | von | Johann Reinhold Forster. | [ornament] | Ordin pervenias, quo sine ordine nunquam. | [rule] | Halle, | Im Verlag der Waisenhaus-Buchhandlung 1786.

2°: )(-2)(2 3)(1 χ8; 13l.; [10] p., 4 folding tables. No pagination indicated. Page size: 430 x 254 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [2 pgs], "Vorrede des Uebersetzers"-signed D. Johann Reinhold Forster, 12 October 1786.; [2 pgs], "Vorrede des Verfassers."; [1 pg], "Erklärung | der | Tafeln und des Registers."; [3 pgs], "Register."; [8 leaves], 4 double-page tables bound at the fold into the spine.

Rare. Translation by Johann Reinhold Forster [q.v.] combining Cavallo's two works, Mineralogical Tables (London, 1786) and Explanation and Index of the Tables (London, 1786) into a single work.

The work begins with translator's forward, followed by a translation of Cavallo's forward. An clarification of the tables and an index to the species contained on the tables preceeds the tables proper.

Bibliographical references: LKG: XII 113a.

3. German, 1790 [German transl.].
Tiberius Cavallo | Mitglieds der König. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften | zu London, | Mineralogische Tafeln, | welche sowohl | Die Systematische Anordnung, | als auch | Die Vornehmsten Eigenschaften | aller bisher | Bekannten Mineralischen Substanzen, | enthalten; | nebst einem | Register und der Anweisung, | wie man dasselbe gebrauchen solle; | und mit einer neuen | Tafel ueber die Gebirgs-Lehre, | so wie auch ueber die | Aeusserlichen Kennzeichen Der Minerlien. | [tapered rule] | Uebersetzt, verbessert und vermehrt In Dieser Zweiten Auflage | von | D. Johann Reinhold Forster, | [...4 lines of titles and memberships...] | [tapered rule] | Ordine pervenies, quo sine ordine nunquam. | [ornate rule] | Halle, | Im Verlag Der Waisenhaus-Buchhandlung. | 1790.

2°: π16; 16l.; [32] p. No signiature, folliation or pagination marks on thel. Page size: 462 x 290 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [1 pg], Dedication to Friedrich Anton Freyherrn von Heinitz.; [1 pg], Blank.; [1 pg], More dedications, signed Johann Reinhold Forster, 22 October 1790.; [1 pg], Blank.; [2 pgs], "Vorrede Des Uebersetzers | Zu Dieser Zweiten Verbesserten Und Vermehrten Auflage."-signed Johann Reinhold Forster, "an meinen 62nd Geburtstag" [=22 October 1790].; [10 leaves], 5 double page tables, printed on one side of the paper, and bound at the fold into the spine.; [4 pgs], "Register."

Rare. An updated and corrected translation by Johann Reinhold Forster [q.v.] of Mineralogische Tafeln (1st ed., Halle, 1786) [see previous entry]. In this edition, two pages of dedication have been added, and the translator's forward has been updated. The number of tables has also increased from four to five.

Bibliographical references: LKG: XII 113a.