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CAPUA, Lionardo Di.

(1617 – 1695)

(Born: Bagnoli, Italy, 1617; Died: Naples, Italy, 17 June 1695) Italian physician.

Biographical references: ABI: II 206, 360. LKG: 282. Poggendorff: 1, col. 1425. WBI.

1. Italian, 1683 [First edition].
Lezioni intorno alla natura delle mofete di Lionardo di Capoa. In Napoli, Per Salvatore Castaldo Reg. Stamp., 1683.

4°: a-b4 A-Aa4; 104l.; [16], 179 (i.e., 176), [16] p. Page 176 misnumbered 179. Engraved armorial vignette (arms of Queen Christina of Sweden, to whom the work is dedicated?). Head- and tail-pieces, initials. Includes index. The two final leaves are of errata. Page size: 215 x 160 mm.

Very rare. Early work describing in a series of lessons the nature of the Mofete geothermal field of Campania in Italy. Capua makes notice of the deadly effects of obnoxious sulfur gases leaking from the ground of the region.

Reissue, 1714: Lezioni inturno alla natura delle Mofette. Cologna, 1714. 8°. Extremely rare. No copy traced.

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