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CAPPEL, Joachim Diedrich.

(1717 – 1784)

(Born: Wismar, Germany, 13 February 1717; Died: Copenhagen, Denmark, 4 February 1784) German apothecary.

Cappel learned the apothecary trade in Riga. He then continued his studies in St. Petersburg. Moving to Copenhagen in 1747, he opened a successful shop. In 1756 until his death he held the position of apothecary to the Königlichen Frederiks Hospitals. He built a large collection of natural history objects which was auctioned after his death. Some of the minerals were purchased by the University of Copenhagen.

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1. German, 1785 [Sale catalog].
Des Herrn Apothekers Joachim Diedrich Cappel hinterlassene Sammlung von Naturalien besonders Conchylien und Mineralien. Die d. April 1785 in der Wohnung des Apothekers ... öffentl. verauctionirt werden sollen ... Copenhagen, Möller, 1785.

8°: 49 p.

Rare. Auction sale catalog of the apothecary Cappel's natural history cabinet that consisted primarily of minerals and shells. The sale took place in April 1785 in Copenhagen.

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