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CALZOLARI, Franciscus.

(1521 – 1600)

(Born: Verona, Italy, 1521; Died: Verona, Italy, 1600) Italian pharmacist & naturalist.

Calzolari was a pharmacist and a citizen of Verona, in which he established an extensive museum of natural history objects that became famous throughout Europe.Francesco Calceolari was a famous pharmacist in Verona and had a marvellous natural history collection which rivalled those of Aldrovandi, Mercati or Imperato. The cabinet is described by a contemporary as follows: 'a most abundant repository and true treasure of all remarkable medicinal things, in which I observed each one placed in wonderful order in most decorative and elegant compartments and cases. First, (Calzolari) sought exceptional herbs and then the rest from their own distant places and regions, sent to him as gifts from the greatest princes and rulers...' (Daston & Park, Wonders and the order of nature, 1150-1750, p. 154).

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De reconditis, et praecipuis collectaneis ab Francisco Calceolario in musaeo adservatis, testificatio ... (Venetiis, 1584).
See under: Oliva (olivi), Giovanni Battista (16th Century).

Mvsaevm Franc. Calceolari ivn. Veronensis a Benedicto Cervto medico incæptvm. Et ab Andrea Chiocco ... In que multa ad naturialem, ... (Veronæ, 1622)
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