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BRUGMANS, Sebald Justin.

(1763 – 1819)

(Born: Franeker, The Netherlands, 24 March 1763; Died: Leyden, The Netherlands, 22 July 1819) Dutch physician.

Son of Dutch naturalist Anton Brugmans [1732-1789], he was a physician and professor of philosophy and physics at the University of Franeker. From 1795 onwards, he held the professorships of medicine and chemistry at the University of Leyden. He was also General-Inspector of the hospitals of Leyden.

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1. Latin, 1781 [Dissertation].
Sebaldi Justini | Brugmans | Lithologia Groningana, | Ivxta Ordinem Wallerii | Digesta, | Cvm Synonimis Aliorvm, Imprimis | Linnaei Et Cronstedii. | Cvm Figvris Aeneis. | Pvblice Defensa, | Cvm Svmmos In Philosophia Honores, | In Academia Groningo-Omlandica | Conseqveretvr. | [ornate rule] | Groningae. | [double rule] | Apud P. Doekema & R. Muller. | MDCCLXXXI.

8°: π4 A-H4; [8], [1]-120 p., one hand-colored engraved plate (showing 8 figures of mineral specimens). Only in some copies is the plate colored. Page size: 228 x 140 mm. uncut

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [1 pg], Dedication to Petro van Bleiswyk.; [1 pg], Blank.; [4 pgs], "L.S." [=preface].; [1]-120, Text.

Rare. This dissertation describes the minerals and rocks found around Groningen in The Netherlands. The descriptions are digested into the mineralogical system of J.G. Wallerius. Synonyms from the writings of Linneaus and Cronstedt are provided for the individual items. The plate gives illustrations of several specimens. This work was publicly defended by Brugmans to obtain a philosophical degree from the Academy at Groningen.

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