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BROWNE, Thomas.

(1605 – 1682)

(Born: 1605; Died: 1682) English physician & author.

Browne was one of the great English writers of the seventeenth century as well as a physician. He is principlly remembered for his Religio Medici that expounds his personal religious philosophy and the tenets by which he lived.

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Pseudodoxia Epidemica, 1646

1. English, 1646 [First edition, 2nd state].
[Contained within a double rule box:] Pseudodoxia Epidemica: | Or, | Enquires | Into | Very many received | Tenents, | And commonly presumed | Truths. | [rule] | By Thomas Brovvne Dr. of Physick. | [rule] | Iul. Scalig. | Ex Libris colligere quæ prodiderunt Authores Ionge est | periculosißimum; Rerum ipsarum cognitio vera è rebus ipsis est. | [rule] | London, | Printed by T.H. for Edward Dod, and are | to be sold in Ivie Lane. 1646.

4°: a5 b4 A-Z4 Aa-Zz4 Aaa4 Bbb5; ??l.; [20], 386 p. (Page nos. 251 and 317 misprinted 151 and 217.) Page size: 274 x 186 mm.

Very scarce. This is one of the author's great works marked by enormous research and learning. Browne attacks false traditions, superstitions and folklore relating to the nature of plants, animals, minerals, and man. Commonly refereed to as "Vulgar errors" (from the running header), it probably owes its creation to commonplace books compiled by Browne when traveling in Ireland and the Continent. However, the Pseudodoxia Epidemica also includes observations on a number of topics including physics, comparative anatomy and biology made by Browne himself. The first use of the word "Electricity" occurs on page 51 and the first use of the word "Mineralogist" occurs on page -.

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