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(1849 – 1906)

(Born: Northeim, Germany, 1849; Died: Alemania a Mediados, Argentina, 1906) German/Argentiana mineralogist & geologist.

Brackebusch graduated from the University of Göttingen. He entered into the service of the Geological Institute of Prussia, where he studied in particular the geology of the Harz Mountains. Later, he succeeded Alfred Stelzner as professor of mineralogy and geology at the University of Córdoba. While there he concentrated his research on completing a geological map of Argentina.

Biographical references: DBA: II 163, 114-118. Gran Enciclopedia Argentina: 1, 575. WBI.

Las Especies Minerales, 1879

1. Spanish, 1879.
Las | Especies Minerales | De La | República Argentina | Por El | Dor D. Luis Brackebusch | Catedrático de Mineralogia en la Universidad Mayor de San Cárlos de Córdoba. | [rule] | Publicado en los « Anales de la Sociedad Cienfífica Argentina » | [rule] | Buenos Aires | Imprenta de Pablo E. Coni, Especial Para Obras | 60 - Calle Alsina - 60 | [rule] | 1879.

8°: [1]-120, [1]-4 p. Page size: 250 x 160 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-5, "Introduccion"-signed November 1878.; [6], Blank.; [7]-117, Text.; [118], Blank.; [119]-120, "Índice De Las Especies Minerales De La República Argentia."; [1]-4, "Addend Á Las Especies Minerales | De La República Argentina."

Very scarce. Geographical distribution of mineral species within the country of Argentina. An index at the end provides reference to specific minerals described in the volume.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 71, 333-4 [NB 0726446].

2. Spanish, 1882 [Collection Catalog].
Colección mineralógica de la República Argentina. Exposición continental, 1882, Buenos Aires, Recol. y comp. por Luis [Ludwig] Brackebusch. Buenos Aires, Kraft, 1882

8°: 52 p.

Very rare. Catalog of a collection of minerals and other geological specimens exhibited by the Argentina government during the Continental Exposition of 1882.

Bibliographical references: BL [no copy listed].