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BOURGEOIS, Léon Zéphirin.

(1856 – ?)

(Born: Paris, France, 26 August 1856; Died:     ) French mineralogist.

Bourgeois was préparator of inorganic natural history for the Collége de France, 1880-3. In 1883, he became préparator of chemistry for the Muséum de Naturelle Histoire. He became professor of chemistry at the Polytechnique Institut in 1890. Bourgeois was among the first to artificially create minerals and igneous rocks.

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1. French, 1881.
Reproduction Artificielle des Minéraux. Paris, Dunod, 1884.

8°: [3], 240 p., 8 plates, illus.

Rare. This basic reference work on the synthesis of minerals, covers the history and methods, with summaries of a very large number of experiments of minerals arranged by crystallochemical classes. It was published as the first "appendice" of tome 2, "Metalloides", which is part of a larger work Encyclopédie Chemique (5 v. in 3), published under the direction of M. Frémy. A short bibliography on the subject appears on pages 227-8.

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