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BOULTER, Daniel.

(1720? – ?)

(Born:     ; Died:     ) English merchant.

Boulter was a merchant in Yarmouth dealing in silverware, jewelry, cultery, toys, books, coins, medals, antiquities and natural curiosities including minerals. He built a personal collection that was open to the public for the admission price of one shilling. Murray (1904) incorrectly states he was a famous Quaker physician.

Biographical references: Murray, Museums, 1904: 1, 184. Wilson, History of Mineral Collecting, 1994.

Museum Boulterianum, 1793

1. English, 1794 [Sale catalog].
Museum Boulterianum. | A | Catalogue | Of The | Curious And Valuable Collection | Of | Natural and Artificial Curiosities | In The | Extensive Museum | Of | Daniel Boulter, Yarmouth: | Consisting Of | English and Foreign Birds and Beasts in high Preservation. Reptiles, | Fish and Insects, dried and in Spirit. Elegant Shells, Corals, | Corallines, and other Marine Productions. Seeds, Fruits and | other Parts of rare Plants. Fine Specimens of differnt Ores, | Petrifications, Spars, Fluors, and Crystals. Agates, Calcedonies, | Jaspers, Carnelians, &c. polished and unpolished. Roman, Egyp- | tian, and British Antiquities in Earthen Ware and Bronze. Carvings | in Wood, Stone, Ivory and Alabaster. Curious ancient Enamel- | lings, China and Delft. Shell-Work, Neddle-Work, &c. Cruci-fixes and Rosaries. Ancient Stained Glass. Pars of Dresses, | Utensils, &c. Ancient Weapons of War. Old Monastic and other Seals. Watches, Rings, and Amulets. Greek, Roman, | Egyptina, British, and English Coins and Medals, in Gold, Silver, | and Copper. Dresses, Ornaments, Weapons of War, Fishing- | Tackle, and other singular Inventions of the Natives of the lately | discovered Islands in the South-Seas. Some capital Paintings by | the first Masters. Rare old Prints, including a large Collection | of Engraved Portraits, with a select Library of curious and | valuable Books in Natural History, Antiquities, &c. &c. Some | curious Missals, and a great Number of other singluar Articles both | Ancient and Modern. | [double rule] | Price One Shilling. | To be had of Henry Gardner, No. 200, Strand; B. & J. White, | Fleet-Street; Darton & Harvey, No. 55, Gracechurch-Street; John | Simcoe, No. 11, Great Queen-Street; London. Yarrington and | Bacon, and R. Beatniffe, Norwich. And other Booksellers in | Town or Country. | N.B. Purchasers to the Amount of Ten Shillings will have the Price | of the Catalogue returned.

4°: A-X4; 84l.; [i]-vi, [1]-159, [1] p. Stiff covers. Printing on the covers reads: [Within an ornate oval border:] Daniel Boulter, | No. 19, Market-Place, Darmouth, | [...16 lines of additional text...]. Page size: 204 x 122 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; iii, "Advertisement."; iv, "Abbreviations Explained."; v-vi, "Index."; [1]-159, Text.; [1 pg], Blank.

Very rare. A fixed price sale of the collection of natural and artificial objects accumulated by Boulter. The contents include descriptions of birds, insects, reptiles, shells, minerals, antiquities, "singular inventions of the natives of the lately discovered islands in the south-seas," paintings of the masters, prints, books, and 11 lots of missals on vellum. Quartich in 1972 offered a copy: viii, 165 p. (ca. 1810).

Bibliographical references: Wilson, History of Mineral Collecting, 1994: 206.