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BOUGLISE, Georges de la.

(1842 – 1911)

(Born: 1842; Died: 1911) French mining engineer.

Bouglise was a prominent French mining engineer involved in mining operations in Europe, America and Mexico. F. Augustus Heinze, for example, one of the Butte "Copper Kings," organized the La France Copper Company in 1905 solely in order to lease the Lexington mine from its owner, Georges de la Bouglise, the original vice president of the Societe Anonyme des Mines de Lexington. Bouglise was also a serious mineral collector specializing in native gold specimens. The mineral "bouglisite" was named in his honor in 1892 by his associate, Edouard Cumenge.

Biographical references: MRLA: Mineralogical Record Label Archive.

Collection, 1911

1. French, 1911 [Sale catalog].
[Cover title, in red:] Vente | Du 14 Décembre 1911 | [ornate rule] | Collection des Minéraux de L'Or | réunie par | Georges de La Bouglise | Ingénieur des Mines | [rule] | Paris - 1911.

[Title page reads:]

Catalogue | De La | Collection Des Minéraux De L'Or | Réunie Par | Georges de La Bouglise | Ingénieur des Mines | [rule] | Vente aux enchères publiques, à Paris, en l'Hôtel | des Commissaires Priseurs. 9, Rue Drouot, Salle no 8. | Le Jeudi 14 Décembre 1911, à 3 heures 1/2. | [rule] | [Next lines formated in two columns:] Commissaire Priseur | Me F. Lair Dubreuil | 6, rue Favart | [vertical rule] | Expert | M. Alexandre Stuer | Mineralogiste | 4, rue de Castellane | [rule] | Exposition Publique | Le Jeudi 14 Décembre 1911 (jour de la vente) | de 1 h. 1/2 à 3 h. 1/2 | [rule] | Paris, 1911.

8°: [1]-39, [1] p. Paper wraps. Page size: 242 x 160 mm.

Contents: [1], Title page.; [2], "Conditions de la Vente."; [3], "La Collection des minéraux de l'Or formée par Georges de | La Bouglise est une collection unique en son genre. ..."; [4], Blank.; [5]-39, Text.; [1 pg], "Privas.-Imprimerie Centrale."

Extremely rare. Auction sale catalog of the mine engineer Georges de La Bouglise's outstanding collection of gold specimens. For its time, it was a remarkabe assemblage of native gold specimens. The 526 lots list specimens from localities through out the world, including Australia, Idaho, Russia, Germany, and China, with many of the specimens showing the gold in combination with a whole suite of other species.

"After his death, Bouglise's considerable collection of gold specimens was offered for sale at public auction on December 14, 1911, by the Parisian mineral dealer Alexandre Stuer, and it was purchased in toto by Albert C. Burrage of Boston, Massachusetts. The collection subsequently found its way into the Harvard Mineralogical Museum in 1948 as a bequest of Burrage, who was a member of the Harvard class of 1883. The treasure remains there to this day." (Conklin, 1992)

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