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(1762 – 1814)

(Born: Neuhaus, near Meissen, 3 August 1762; Died: Munich, Bavaria, Germany, 23 January 1814) German teacher.

Father of Karl Gustav Christoph Bischof [see next entry], he was teacher of history, geography and natural history at a Bavarian orphanage.

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1. German, 1791.
Physisch-technologisches Handbuch. Oder vollständige Nachricht und Beschreibung aller Naturprodukte und ihrer Zubereitungen zu allgemeinen und besondern menschlichen Bedürfnissen ... von Karl August Bischof ... Mit Kupfern. Nürnberg, Im Verlag der Raspischen Buchhandlung, 1791.

2 parts in one volume. 8°: xvi, 352, [4], 290, [26] p., 17 plates (including frontispiece).

Very scarce. A textbook of technology for adolescents describing natural products and their industrial treatment. It is written in the form of a narrative in which a father instructs his son while traveling through different cities. The first part deals with agriculture, forestry, gardening, viticulture, fishing, hunting, mineralogy, ship building. art works (including a section on clocks and watches and one on glassmaking, both with illustrations), musical instruments, hydraulics. mining, and commerce. The second part deals with the production of food stuffs, textiles, and leather, architecture, wood- and metalwork, gold and silver, pottery, oil production, paper making, soap and candle making, glass making, pharmacology, printing, bookbinding. engraving. electricity, and gunpowder.

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