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BERTRAND, Bernard Nicolas.

(1715 – 1780)

(Born: Paris, France, 1715; Died: Paris, France?, 29 September 1780) French physician.

Bertrand was the son of the physician and long time professor of surgery and pharmacy at the University of Paris, Thomas Bernard Bertrand [1682-1751]. Bernard followed in his father's profession and became a medical doctor. He also was a councilor to the rulers of Poland.

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Élémens d'Oryctologie, 1773

1. French, 1773.
Élémens | D'Oryctologie | Ou | Distribution Méthodique | Des Fossiles. | Par M.B.C.P. de la C. de P. | Membre de plusieurs Académies, | [ornament] | A Neuchatel, | de l'Imprimerie de la Société Typographique. | [ornate rule] | M.DCC.LXXIII.

8°: A-M8 N4 (tables bound in after M1); 100l.; [i]-xxxix, [1], [1]-137, [1] p., 16 folding tables (labeled I-XVI), [i]-xxi, [1] p. Page size: 185 x 116 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii-iv], "Épitre."-dated 15 January 1773.; [v]-xxxix, "Élémens | D'Oryctologie. | [rule] | Discours Préliminaire."; [1 pg], Blank.; [1]-137, Text.; [1 pg], "Tables Méthodiques, &c.*"; [16 folding tables].; [i]-iv, "Quatre | Tables Abrégées | ..."; v-xiii, "Table | Des Matieres Et Des Sections."; xiv-xxi, "Table Alphabétique Des Fossiles."; [1 pg], Blank.

Scarce. Published with only initials on the title page to indicate the author, these stand for: Monsieur Bertrand, Conseiller Palatin de la Cour de Pologne. This small volume is a popular-style summary of mineralogical science designed to serve those who desired a ready made plan on which to arrange their cabinet of fossils and minerals. It includes a justification for the science of mineralogy, a brief summary of the science's theory, a survey of mineralogical literature and a systematic enumeration and description of minerals. The system outlined is based upon the standard classes.

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