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BATTHYANI, Vincenz von.

(1770? – ?)

Hungarian aristrocat.

Bathijani lived in Budapest and he formed one of the finest natural history collections in the region.

Biographical references: LKG: 279. Poggendorff: 1, col. 114.

1. German, 1811.
Reise durch einen Theil Ungarns, Siebenbürgens, der Moldau und Buccovina im Jahr 1805 vom Grafen Vinzenz Batthyani. Pest, bei Conrad Adolph Hartleben, 1811.

8°: [2], [1]-236 p. Description of the authors trip through parts of present day Hungary and the Czech Republic. Included are observations on the mineralogy and geology of the region. Rare.

Bibliographical references: BL [10215.a.21.]. LKG: XIV 862.