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BARRINGER, Daniel Moreau.

(1860 – ?)

(Born: 1860; Died: ) American mining engineer, geologist & lawyer.

Biographical references: ABA: I 74, 340-349; II 31, 358. Herringshaw's National Library of American Biography. WBI. Who Was Who in America: 1, ??.

1. English, 1897.
A Description | Of | Minerals Of Commercial Value. | A Practical Reference-book for the Miner, Prospector, and Business Man, or | any Person who may be interested in the Extraction or Treatment | of the Various Metallic or Non-metallic Minerals, and for | Students either in Field-work or in the Laboratory. | By | D.M. Barringer, A.M., LL.B., | One of the Authors of "The Law of Mines and Mining in the United States." | First Edition. | First Thousand. | New York: | John Wiley & Sons. | London: Chapman & Hall, Limited. | 1897.

Oblong 8°: [2], [1]-168 p. Tables printed in red and black. Page size: 126 x 210 mm.

Contents: [1 pg], Blank.; [1 pg], "By the same author ..."; [1-2], Title page, verso "Copyright, 1897, | ..."; 3-4, "Preface."-signed D.M. Barringer, June 1897.; 5-17, Text of part one.; [18], Blank.; [19], "Part II. | I.-Tables."; 20-155, Text of tables.; 156-157, "Classification Of Minerals | (After Brush)."; 158-161, "III.-Appendix."; [162], Blank.; 163-168, "IV.-Index To Tables."

Scarce. This work was intended as a reference book for those practically interested in minerals, especially miners, prospectors, or students in the field. In addition to some preliminary mattor of a general nature, it consists for the most part of a series of tables giving the prominent metals in alphabetical order, with the name of the important ores, and for each the prominent physical and chemical characters, arranged very clearly in tabular format.

Bibliographical references: American Journal of Science: 4th Series, 5 (1898), 155. NUC. USGS Library Catalog.