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BANKS, Joseph.

(1743 – 1820)

(Born: 1743; Died: 1820) English naturalist.

Banks was educated at Harrow, Eaton, and Christ Church, Oxford; studied natural history, and accompanied Cook in his expedition round the world in the Endeavour, 1768-71, - upon his return, created hon. D.C.L. of Oxford; built a large collection of natural history objects including minerals, which are now preserved at the British Museum; visited Iceland, 1772; made baronet, 1781; F.R.S., 1766; president of the Royal Society, 1778-1820; first to observe that almost all Australian mammals were marsupials and more primitive than placental mammals of other continents; great patron of science, where his house in Soho Square became a frequent meeting place; plant genus "Banksia" named in his honor.

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