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ASSO Y DEL RIO, Ignacio J. de.

(1742 – 1804)

(Born: Zaragoza, Spain, June 1742; Died: 1804) Spanish naturalist & lawyer.

Educated with a classical education in Spain, Asso attended the Universities of Barcelona and Cerside, graduating with a law degree in 1764. Afterwards, he traveled in France, Italy, Holland and England. In 1776 he was appointed General Consul to Holland, and in 1787, France. He made repeated trips to the mountains of Aragon, making copious notes on the natural products he encountered.

Biographical references: Maffei & Rua Figuera, Bibliografía Mineral, 1871-2: 1, 49.

1. Latin, 1784.
Introductio | In | Oryctographiam, | Et | Zoologiam | Aragoniæ. | Accedit | Enumeratio Stripium in eadem Regione novi- | ter detectarum. | [rule] | [... One line of quotation, signed Ovidius...] | [rule] | [ornament] | MDCCLXXXIV.

8°: [1]-192 p., 7 plates.

Rare. Attributed to I.J. de Asso y del Rio and published in Amsterdam by Sommer, this is an introduction to mineralogy and zoology of the region of Aragon in Spain. Although this title is not listed by Maffei & Rua Figuera, Bibliografía Mineral (1871-2, no. 140), a manuscript upon which this book is based is described.

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