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(1740s? – ?)

Biographical references: Lambrecht & Quenstedt, Catalogus, 1938: 13.

1. German, 1780.
Galanterie= | Mineralogie | und |Vorschläge | zur | Naturwissenschaft | für die Damen | in sieben Unterhaltungen | abgefasst | von | C.F. von Arenswald. | [ornate rule] | Halle, | bey Johann Jacob Gebauer. | 1780.

8°: A-J8 K4; 76l.; [1]-152 p.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-152, Text.

Very rare. A mineralogy designed to instruct ladies in the science of mineralogy. The text discusses the collecting of mineral and natural history specimens, differences between false and genuine gemstones, lapidary craft, and jewelery manufacturing. At the end is a discussion cast into a coversation between two girls about the collecting of specimens and the value of forming collections. The tone of the text suggests that the pseudonym used by the author was to hide her true gender.

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