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ANSTED, David Thomas.

(1814 – 1880)

(Born: London, England, 5 February 1814; Died: Woodbridge, England, May 1880) English geologist.

Ansted was educated at Jesus College under Sedgwick. He graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1836. In 1840, he was appointed professor of geology at King's College, London, which he remained until 1853. In 1850, he became a mining consultant. Ansted was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1844. He was also a Fellow of the Geological Society of London. His research investigated the practical applications of geology to mine engineering and water supplies.

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1. English, 1850 [First edition].
Elementary course of geology, mineralogy and physical geography. London, John Van Voorst, 1850.

8°: xxvii, 584 p., text illus. Very scarce.

2. English, 1856 [2nd edition].
Elementary course of geology, mineralogy, and physical geography. By Professor David T. Ansted ... Second edition, reissue, with important notes and additions.. London, 1856.

8°: xvi, 606 p., illus. "Glossary of scientific and technical terms used in physical geography, geology, mineralogy, and mining": p. [557]-588. Very scarce.

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3. English, 1880.
Natural History Rambles. | [rule] | In Search of Minerals. | By | D.T. Ansted, M.A. F.R.S. | Formerly Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, | Honorary Fellow and Late Professor of Geology in King's | College London. | [rule] | Published under the Direction of | the Committee of General Literature and Education | appointed by the Society for Promoting | Christian Knowledge. | [rule] | London: | Society for Promoting Christian Knowlege, | Northumberland Avenue, Charing Cross; | 4, Royal Exchange; and 48, Piccadilly. | [rule] | New York: Pott, Young, & Co. | 1880.

8°: π8 C-T8 χ2: 146l.; [i]-vi, [1]-282, [4] p., illus. Page size: 164 x 106 mm. Scarce.

Contents: [i-ii], Half title page, verso blank.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso blank.; [v]-vi, "Contents."; [1]-34, "In Search of Minerals. Chapter I. Minerals and their Homes."; 35-67, "Chapter II. Gems or Precious Stones - The Diamond and Ruby."; 68-91, "Chapter III. Precious Stones, continued.- The Emerald, Zircon or Hyacinth, Topaz, Spinelle, Tourmaline, and Garnet Groups."; 92-123, "Chapter IV. Quartz Gems."; 124-155, "Chapter V. The Softer Gems and Valuable Stones."; 156-184, "Chapter VI. Valuable Minerals derived from the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms: - Jet, Amber, Pearl, Coral."; 185-218, "Chapter VII. Useful Non-metallic Minerals."; 219-247, "Chapter VIII. Native Metals."; 248-267, "Chapter IX. Ores or Minerals yielding Common and Useful Metals."; 268-278, "Chapter X. Useful Minerals being Ores of the less Important Metals."-page 278, under a note to `Artificial Production of Diamonds,' the date February 24, 1880 is given.; [279]-282, "Index."; [4 pgs], "Publications of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge."

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4. English, 1855.
Geology, mineralogy, and crystallography: being a theoretical, practical, and descriptive view of inorganic nature, the form and classification of crystals, and a chemical arrangement of minerals. By ... D.T. Ansted ... Prof. Tennant ... and W. Mitchell. London, 1855.

8°: xx, 587 p., one map, illus.

Very scarce. Forms volume IV of Orr's Circle of the Sciences. Contains: Physical Geography and Geology by D.T. Ansted. Crystallography and Mineralogy by W. Mitchell and J. Tennant.

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