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(1725 – 1804)

(Born: Piemont, Italy, 1725; Died: 28 July 1804) Italian physician.

Allioni graduated with an M.D. in 1747 and opened a medical practice in conjunction with his duties as professor of botany at the University of Turin. He was elected a member of many prestigious European academies and first treasurer, from 1801, of the Academy of Sciences of Turin. His prime notoriety however was tied to his botanical studies with his Flora Pedemontana being his greatest work.

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Oryctographiæ, 1757

1. Latin, 1757.
Oryctographiæ | Pedemontanæ | Specimen, | Exhibens corpora Fossilia | terræ adventitia: | Auctore Carolo Allionio, Ph. & | Med. Doct. è Societate Physico-Bota- | nicâ Florentinâ, & Academiâ Regiâ | Matritensi. | [ornament] | Parisiis, | Ad Ripam Augustinorum; | Apud Claudium-Joannem-Baptistam Bauche, Biblio- | polam, ad insigne sanctæ Genovesæ & sancti Joannis | in deserto. | [double rule] | M. DCC. LVII. | Cum privilegio & approbatione.

8°: A-F8; 48l.; [i]-viij, [1]-82, [6] p. Page size: 196 x 120 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii]-iv, "Præfatio."; v-vij, "Elenchus Auctorum | qui citantur."; viij, "Approbatio."; [1]-82, Text.; [2 pgs], "Index Locorum | præcipuorum, quibus corpora marina | fossilia collecta sunt."; [4 pgs], Publisher's list.

Scarce. An early description of the marine fossils and some minerals found in the Piemonte region of north-west Italy, which borders France and Switzerland. In the preface, Allioni explains that he has collected a considerable number of objects in the region and in this work he will describe them. He includes a list of authorities cited in his descriptions and an index to the described fossils and minerals.

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